James Lewerke released

James Lewerke in 2005

Valpo High School slasher out of treatment seven years after attack:

It’s been four years since I last posted about James Lewerke and seven years since he committed his crime. For those of you who weren’t around here back then a then 15-year-old Lewerke attacked some of his classmates at Valparaiso High School in Indiana with a machete and a tree saw. In 2007 he pleaded guilty but insane and was sentenced to a mental facility in Iowa until he turned 21. Now, he’s been released from that facility and for once I’m ok with it.

Lewerke was one of the rare instances where I thought that the suspect in a school attack was actually mentally ill. Doctors testified that he thought God told him to make the attack. According to reports Lewerke has had no incidents while at the facility and that he’s sorry for what he did back in 2004.

Now he has 9 years of probation to fulfill. It sounds like he has responded to his treatment very well. I wish nothing but the best for James and I hope he continues to thrive.

One thought on “James Lewerke released”

  1. i seriously think there was something ridiculously wrong with him. i was there that day and i seen him running down the hall with his weapon. i’m not sure which was worse seeing one of my peers running down the hall before him with blood dripping from their head or the look in his eyes/on his face while he was running shielding the machete and saw. i haven’t been able to enjoy thanksgiving the same since that horrid day 7 years ago.


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