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Heath Campbell. Why yes that is a Hitler mustache and a swastika tattoo.

State Keeps Custody In Baby Hitler Case:

You remember Heath and Deborah Campbell of Phillipsburg, New Jersey don’t you? They’re the lovely and ever so classy couple who named their three kids after Nazi icons. For the record, their names were Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell. Their three children with Nazi names were taken away by DYFS stating prior abuse but the case has been under a gag order since 2009. Let us also not forget that the Campbells are sponging off the system, in my opinion, by claiming that they can’t work due to various ailments.

Apparently, those ailments didn’t stop them from breeding once again. Recently Deborah Campbell gave birth to a fourth child named Hons. However, the state of New Jersey was not having any part of this as DYFS once again stepped in and took the child from its Nazi Breeders.

The Campbells are still claiming that this had to do with the names of the children and that there was no other abuse. As I’ve said before to name your kids after some of history’s greatest monsters is abuse enough. If there was any real justice in the world you and your hausfrau would both be sterilized in a manner that would have made Josef Mengele proud.

40 thoughts on “Newborn taken away from Nazi parents

  1. Trench,

    Loved how you mixed history and current situation in there!

    Definitely for the win:

    “If there was any real justice in the world you and your hausfrau would
    both be sterilized in a manner that would have made Josef Mengele proud.”

    Since Mengele was notorious for being haphazard (despite his medical degree) and experimental – guarantees that not only would the sterilization be done but there would be plenty of detrimental side effects…


    1. I’m all about poetic justice and I thought that would fit. 


  2. Fate's Fury says:

    Amusingly enough, as they’re “so disabled”, they’d’ve been put in the Camps by their idols anyway.  I heart irony.


  3. DodiaFae says:

    Erm… correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve always been under the impression that Hitler preferred “clean-cut”, which this guy definitely is not.   He’s like, I don’t know, a Hippie Methtard gone awry (even more so than the description alone would indicate).  o.O


  4. Digchild says:

    I hope the state renames their kids.Otherwise,the kids will be subjected to a lot of bullying in school.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Personally I can’t see taking kids away just because of the names.  There’s got to be more to it than that.

    That being said, what kind of idiot gives these crazy names to their kids?


    1. Allizer says:

      Attention Whores


  6. Cathy J Blake says:

    I think it’s disgusting to name your children after these monsters of history, I think it’s worse that even more children are being born and raised every day in this country by “aryan nation” nazi dipshit parents who are passing down nothing but generations of hate and dooming their kids to a life of dejection, bigotry, failure and ridicule.
    HOWEVER…these are their children and the state has no right to take these kids because of what their parents named them.  If there was other abuse going on, then they should be taken away but not just for the names. 
    I can name my kid John Wayne Gacy if I want to…the state has NO RIGHT to step in when it comes to naming your own children.  Of course, I would never do that because I’m not a dumbass sicko with wants to ensure their child will never succeed in life.  It’s sad, but they had every right to name these poor kids whatever they wanted.


    1. Anonymous says:

      It’s an arguable case.  Perhaps maliciously giving your children names that will doom them socially and economically is abusive in itself.  Even if not, and the government is treating them unfairly, these two pieces of trash are pretty low on my sympathy list.


      1. Cathy J Blake says:

        I agree that we should have no pity for these ass-wads, and it could be argued as a psychological abuse issue but I think that there is a fine line here that could have widespread repercussions.  Although, it seemed implied in the article that there may have been other abuse issues (besides them being despicable parents and horrible human beings).  IMO these kids would all be better off with a new family and some major name changes.  I just don’t think the government should be allowed to remove your kids because they don’t like the names they were given…where would the line be drawn?  I’ve heard some Godawful names, the one that pops to mind is a girl who wanted to name her daughter “3girl” because it was her third child.  I politely suggested maybe a name like Trinity or something else representing the 3 might be nice, but what I really wanted to do was smack her in the back of the head and call her a f*cking idiot.


      1. Thirty-seven-year-old Heath can’t read and Deborah dropped out of high school before finishing the 10th grade.

        “Hes thrend to have me killed or kill me himself hes alread tried it a few times. Im afread that he might hurt my children if they are keeped in his care. He teaches my son how to kill someone at the age of 3,” the letter read in part.

        Reminds me of most the defenders that post here. 


        1. Kinda reminds me of Jessica Sacks. I now need brain bleach. Thanks.


  7. Cathy J Blake says:

    It reminds me of the case where the parents intended to name their daughter Metallica or something like that and the  government refused to issue them a birth certificate because the name was “unsuitable for a child”.  I forget where that was but I’ll have to look look it up and post a link.  The parents fought it and, of course, won. 


  8. LA1979 says:

    This couple brought to mind an Elbert Hubbard quote, “Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.” As a matter of fact, this quote covers these morons and Nazi ideals in one fair swoop.


  9. Amsfast says:

    I am all for to each their own until it comes to the kids. Being a member of a retarded neo nazi group is not illegal however teaching your children to hate is. Not only is it abuse but also neglect. You are neglecting your children by obviusly not giving a fuck about them or you wouldn’t have named them that bullshit.  


  10. Cathy J Blake says:

    *SIDE NOTE*     
     I had always wanted to name one of my daughters Eva, after a character in a movie I loved as a child.  Sadly though after studying more history, now when I hear that name all I can think of is Eva Braun (Hitler’s F’d up GF) and it ruined the name for me.  It’s too bad because I really do think Eva is a pretty name but personally the images it brings to mind just ruin it for me.  Similar to this is why I rejected the name Jennifer, it’s a pretty name but when I was a kid a girl named Jennifer stole one of my Barbie dolls and broke it.  So that’s what I think of when I hear the name, it’s stupid but I guess everyone has their little name associations (and apparently the broken Barbie was more traumatic than I had thought).  Just like a woman wouldn’t want to give her daughter the same name as her husband’s first wife LOL!


    1. Kaz says:

      I’m sure a lot of Evas and Adolfs started going by their middle names after a while…


      1. thecatsmeow says:

        My German grandfather did! Switched over to David from Adolph.


  11. Dayra says:

    In south america a common name is Usnavy. I bet you can all figure out where they got the name from, U.S Navy ships… I don’t know how they could let them name their kids that way, I guess in America it’s permitted. I live in Spain, although I’m english, and when I took my daughter to the register, to call her Arlynn, the woman said I would have to take a certificate from the consul of wherever that name came from, stating it was a female name, and the meaning. I was like WTF and she said “well I don’t know if it’s a boy or girls name, of if it if offensive in anyway to the child”. My answer was: Google it, there’s loads of people called Arlynn (saved me getting a certificate or having to change my girls name).

    On a side note: his stache creeps me out… Alot.


  12. Anonymous says:

    That is the one thing I’ve always found “funny” about these idiots. They don’t work. They live off the state. I have no problem with that. It would be hypocritical as I’m one of the so-called long term unemployed. I’m a bleeding heart liberal and all that, but Hitler would have gassed their asses as they were “useless eaters”.


  13. Kaz says:

    Why would anyone want to name their child after the bumbling idiot that Hitler was? Anyone who took a good look at history would understand that Hitler was just probably a pretty face. He was too stupid and ignorant to run a country. The country was ran by those around him, they just kept him happy like a nice little lap dog. All he was there for was to look pertty and give the resemblance of someone who was in power. They allowed him to think he was in charge. This was why there were so many weird insain laws along with the terrible ones. They allowed Hitler to pass a few of his laws so that he would be happy and pass their agenda. Hitler was an idiot who was riddles with Parkenson’s, addicted to several drugs, and quite possibly homosexual. And these people want to name thier child after THAT? History’s most retarded fall guy? Seriously?


    1. DodiaFae says:

      Urg… have you actually seen any pictures of Adolf? Pretty face? I don’t think he was considered that even in his day. At best, he could have been considered non-repulsive in appearance, but not attractive.


        1. DodiaFae says:

          With a really bad comb-over.


          1. Right? But still… That mole is U-G-L-Y and so was Hitler. And so is this sad sack for a father. It all seems to come together like butt cheeks, doesn’t it?


          2. DodiaFae says:

            ROFL… coming together like butt cheeks… stealing that one.

            And yes, it certainly does.


          3. emo hair

            —– Original message —–


          4. DodiaFae says:

            ROFLMFAO!! Yah! Emodouche hair!


      1. Kaz says:

        He came from the same era that made Charlie Chaplin a sex symbol. For the time and place Hitler was concidered very good looking. After all the things he’s been assoiated with, his features are now concidered evil looking and digusting. He had that boyish baby face look that everyone loved at the time.


  14. Jadecrowe says:

    dear Lord, these choads spawned again?  what ever happened to good old-fashioned forced sterilization?


    1. DodiaFae says:

      Yah, wasn’t Hitler all for that, too?


  15. Amsfast says:

    Okay so I agree the government doesnt have the right to take your kids because of a name HOWEVER there was history of doemestic violence so that is enough and one little factor we should all remember, The gave the first couple kids names like that AND lost them, they believe because of the names so if that is the truth why would you name another. What kind of parent who loves their child would be willing to loose another over a name?  And if in fact your kids are disposable like that then name or not they belong with another family!


    1. Deena says:

      Good Point!


      From: Disqus
      Sent: Tuesday, November 29, 2011 9:13 AM
      Subject: [badbreeders] Re: Newborn taken away from Nazi parents

      Disqus generic email template


  16. Kaz says:

    This is America. We all, those of us who use logic, know those kids weren’t taken away because of their names. As far as most in charge care, those names are nothing more then random letters placed together. They have to see it this way. The artical states there is a gag order on the case, so obviously there is more to this situation then we know.

    Of course the parents are going to state that it’s because of their names. Only disent good people would admit they make mistakes and need to change their ways. But honestly are people who raise their kids teaching them nothing but hate going to be honest good people? No, I don’t think so.

    I have children who share names with some of history worst charaters. Not because I worship or look up to those people. But one of my children share a name with one of the worst serial killers in American history. Another one of the biggest mass murders/war lords in Greek history. Another was named after a big bad on a Xena episode. (This part is true. I had just given birth and I thought she was a boy.  I honestly had no girl names. When I was coming up with a name, the episode came on and I thought gosh.. Hope is a pertty name.) If kids could be taken away because of their names I would have lost mine years ago. Giving a child a name like Theodore and Maximus alone are enough to get a child teased for life, that by themselves should be good enough to have them removed from my care.


    1. Oh jeez. My kid catches shit because no one can say our last name. I should have stuck with my maiden name… sooooo easy.


  17. thecatsmeow says:

    Hopefully all of their kids get adopted by parents who love them enough to rename them NORMAL names. Actually Hons isn’t so bad if they’d only had the two brain cells to spell it HANS.


  18. guest says:

    Um, excuse me, ignorant Nazi-wanna be parents? Are you aware that if you actually lived in the Nazi regime you so idolize, you and your entire family, those poor, sweet children included, would have been fast tracked to the death camps? Disabilities were not embraced in Hitler’s Germany. You’d have been smoke up the chimney. Still proud of that stylin’ tat, Dad? Still lovin’ those trendy names, Mom?

    To quote a fictional character far more wise than the two of you will ever be, “Stupid is as stupid does.”


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