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Trial for Lakeshore High shooting plot suspect postponed:

If you’ve been following the news of the alleged school shooting plot involving Lakeshore High School in Louisiana you’ll know that the suspects used a Facebook page called Zero Day to communicate with each other. You’ll also know that the page was supposedly deleted by one of the suspect’s mothers. Guess what kids. It’s been recovered.

Can I get an ‘Oh Snap’?

Alleged ringleader Todd Singleton was set to go on trial this past week when the news came down that Facebook was able to recover the deleted page. This has pushed back the trial for Singleton and alleged co-conspirator Daniel Hopkins to late December.

Still, no word if charges will be brought against Singleton’s mother for allegedly not only deleting the Facebook page but also destroying his computer. That sounds like tampering with evidence to me. Doesn’t that make her an accessory to the crime? If I was the DA I’d be going after her as well.

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