Mutant threatens Florida school shooting

Emmanuel Costas
Emmanuel Costas

Teen planned shooting rampage at Lake Brantley high, police say:

Last week in Altamonte Springs, Florida police arrested 18-year-old Emmanuel Costas for allegedly threatening a school shooting at Lake Brantley High School.

Police there say that Costas kept posting the veiled threats on his Facebook…

“151 dayz left!!!”

His friends tried to guess what his countdown was for. The end of the world? “Nope,” he replied. “U will see,” he told friends in the cryptic posts. “Too early too tell ya.”

“4/17/12 is gonna be a day to remember dat day will bring joy to me and saddness to otherz”

Police say that Costas planned the shooting not only because he was ‘teased’ as a freshman but that he ‘respected’ those who committed the Columbine massacre. In Trench-speak, he’s a mutant who worships the cowardly scumbags, Klebold and Harris.

So he’s 18 which in theory would make him a senior. So for the fact that he was ‘teased’ 3 years ago makes him think that the proper response is to commit mass murder. What a joke.

Since he’s 18 he’ll be in big boy jail. If he thinks being teased as a freshman was bad wait until he gets to prison. He’ll wish he was back in high school.

Remember kids, take it from someone who was there and was a victim of actual bullying in high school. While those four years may seem like the longest time in your life, in reality, it’s just a blip on the timeline of your existence. It’s not worth killing or going to jail over.

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