Trench pisses on your UC Davis outrage

They're lucky this is all they got

They’re lucky this is all they got

As usual when the hysterical masses are outraged about something it usually turns out that they only have half the story. Now the other half is finally coming out about the pepper spraying incident at UC Davis.

Please check out the following video which shows what really happened at UC Davis.

For those of you with ADD I’ll summarize.

The UC Davis police arrested some Occupy protesters for not dispersing when asked. Again you have the right to peaceably assemble just not on property that’s owned by someone else, in this case the state of California. A throng of protesters then surround police refusing to allow the police to leave. In essence that is holding the police hostage. The protesters were repeatedly asked to move and when they did not they were pepper sprayed.

For those of you who did watch the video you may say *annoying hippy voice here* “But Trench at the 12 minute mark of the video the police had their guns drawn and we’re going to shoot the peaceful protesters.” To you I say get some knowledge. Any 13-year-old could tell you that those guns were paintball guns. Police use them to fire pepper spray projectiles which at the worst can cause a welt.

If you really think about it the police showed tremendous restraint here. One wrong move by the protesters and this could have easily turned into a bloodbath.

So the bottom line is they were not peaceful protesters as some would have you think. They were hostage takers and those hostages were the very police whose duty it is to protect us. They also have a duty to protect themselves.

I’m sure this will most fall on deaf ears, or blind eyes as the case may be, due to partisan hackery and people with ‘fuck the police’ mindsets. That’s your loss for not wanting to admit the truth.

Thanks to Rob Taylor for sharing the video with me.

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  1. Wake up...

     Did you not also leave out 1/2 the story?  Why the should not have been there in the first place.

  2. Wake up...

    Oops.. Did you not also leave out 1/2 the story?  Why the police should not have been there in the first place.

    1. RobTaylor

      The police shouldn’t have been enforcing the law? Why because these were White college kids? We are a nation of laws, not a nation of men and “movements” were some people are allowed to break the law for political expediency. Trespassers get arrested. Period.

  3. John Beckett

    What kind of Orwellian logic calls sit-in protestors hostage takers???

    Even if you buy the “trespassers get arrested” logic (and I don’t – that may be private property but it’s still a public place) there such a thing as proportional response – and pepper spraying non-violent demonstrators is WAY out of proportion.

    1. Trench Reynolds

      When they surround police and prevent them from leaving that is tantamount to taking hostages. 

      City Halls are public places too but try occupying one of those and see what happens. 

      Pepper spray was absolutely proportional. It worked didn’t it?

  4. Gea3

    So Trench, by your logic, a cop pepper spraying speeder would great, because they broke the law, knew they were doing it, and endangered others in the act.  As to their response working, what is it about administrative leave, unlimited mitigation liability, and losing careers that make this such a win for the police?

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Depends on how fast they were going and if they tried to evade police. 

      No cop should be losing his career over this. Instead they should be given commendations. 

  5. John Beckett

    Finally watched the whole video.  The police could have left any time they wanted and done so without harming any of the protestors.  I stand by my comment that calling them “hostage takers” is Orwellian logic.

    This was totally unnecessary.  No one was being harmed and no property was being damaged.  Again, the police response was totally out of proportion to the situation.

    On the other hand, the students shouldn’t have been surprised – this is typically what happens during civil disobedience.  Those in power can’t tolerate people standing up to them and they overreact.  And when they do, they create martyrs. 

    1. KathyK

      The police could have left anytime they wanted to?  Then why are the protesters chanting “If you let them free, we will let you leave”?

      1. John Beckett

        Posturing.  Trying to project power they didn’t really have.  Again, if the police wanted to leave there is no way the protestors could have stopped them – or likely, would have tried to.

        1. Trench Reynolds

          Cops aren’t mind readers, they don’t know if the crowd, or mob if you will, would have pushed back or not and took appropriate measures to ensure their safety. 

          1. John Beckett

            You see “appropriate measures to ensure their safety.”  I see “we’re gonna show them who’s boss no matter what it takes.”

            I see no excuse for attacking peaceful protestors, and that attack started well before the pepper spray.  The police should have seen that a confrontation was bound to end poorly (and end poorly for them) and in the clear absence of violence, simply declined to engage.

            I’m done here – thanks for posting the video.  It’s good to see the larger context. 

        2. KathyK

          So, they were just threatening the cops?  Yeah, pepper-spray their asses!

  6. Jester

    “If you let them go, we will let you leave. If you let them go, we will continue to protest peacefully.” Correct me,if I’m wrong but to me, that sounds like a threat that these protestors are willing to use violence to get what they want.. Right there, before seeing the “Fuck the police” and numerous warnings the police gave after that threatening chant, my mind was made up. The police did what was ncessary. I wonder if the people claiming that the officers were wrong would have preferred to see this situation escalate. If these “peaceful” protesters had decided to attack the police, real weapons would have come out and instead of kids with irritated eyes and scratchy voices, we might have seen body bags at the end of this video. Many officers and students alike could’ve been wounded or killed if the police had no used pepper spray as an evasive action. Seriously. Think about it.


  7. Scott W.

    The very first problem with this situation is that the protest was against the raising of their tuition. Understandable. Somehow it turned into a protest toward police doing their job of enforcing campus rules. 

    Just like Trench said, it became some kind of hostage situation and there was really no way for the police to win. If they muscled their way through the crowd, they would have been ridiculed and chastised. They gave numerous warnings and options for the protesters either move or face the consequences. They knew what they were getting into. This situation could have gone from peaceful protest to angry mob in the drop of a hat. Besides, it’s only pepper spray. It only burns for a bit and washes off. A person can recover within an hour or two.

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Not to mention that protesters in the 60s stood up to billy clubs, tear gas and fire hoses. 


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