WA man accused of pimping out disabled girl on Backpage


Prosecutors charge Kent man with promoting prostitution:

It’s bad enough when you turn out an 18-year-old girl as a prostitute on Backpage but there’s a special place in hell for you when you do that to a learning disabled girl. That’s exactly what 24-year-old Walter Woods of Kent, Washington is accused of.

Not only did he allegedly turn the girl out on the Village Voice Media-owned Backpage but he kept all her money and turned her out on Thanksgiving day. The girl couldn’t even read or write.

Woods has a previous criminal record including charges of child luring.

I wonder if you asked Backpage about this would they say that the police were violating Woods’ right to free speech?

15 thoughts on “WA man accused of pimping out disabled girl on Backpage”

  1. He took ALL the money and pimped her out on Thanksgiving?  He should get an additional charge based on her disability.  I don’t know if there is one in WA that would apply, but there should be.  If she is severely learning-disabled I hope that she was not charged too.


  2. it’s really funny that people go on what the media says but she has  dyslexia and knows how to read and write and would be very upset that people thinks that she was nieve enough to fall for a pimps game or dumb in anyway.  if you knew her or woods you would know that he did not turn her out .truth is is that she left a pimp that was beating her which woods did not do.for the fact that woods did not want to talk to the police when arrested the police themselves went on to say what they wanted to to the news paper.Oh and every cent went directly to her and her son.but the thought of losing her son which was in the car at the time made her nervous and woods has audio with her asking could she make some money prostituting in which woods turned her down on several occasions  and the reason woods got 2 1/2 months in county jail is because this was a case unlike any other promoting prostitution case ever seen. not because she was developmentally disable a.k.a dyslexic but it wasn’t forced in any way shape or form being that she felt  that there is no other way for her to recieve money other than prostitute because of her dyslexia. now as far as child luring goes if people would talk to the public defender scott sieda of a.c.a who didn’t want to fight for woods in the case in which is on record that woods could’nt exit his car because the driver side door handle was broken the window did not roll down and the horn did not work is all documented  by the detectives on the case with pictures and could not have said anything to the girl. and fought the case for a year .the reason i know all of this is because i am Walter Woods   


    1. Quote from article linked above: “According to charging papers, Woods has a criminal history that includes a convictions for child luring in 2009 when he attempted to lure a girl under the age of 16 into his car fourth-degree assault in 2009 false statement in 2008 obstructing a law officer in 2006 and second-degree assault in 2003.”

      Were you railroaded for all six of your convictions?


  3. As far as the conviction in 2003 of you were to read police statements made by the victim you would see that woods and the victim has prior sexual contact i.e. oral sex, played sex games and the police found nude pictures taken by woods at the victims request in his cell phone and was living with the victim at the time of the incident.ask for public records as far as 2009 in which you say child luring woods public defender scott cieda has documented that since the driver side door window did not roll down, horn didn’t work, and door didn’t open there is no way possible that woods could have attempted to lure .that’s scott cieda of a.c.a kent office


    1. 2003 woods also had a woman that he was with while he had a threesome with the victim and her friend….look it up second floor of the norm maling building all public record


    2. Was she sleeping during the claimed “prior sexual contact” too?

      Also I don’t say child luring, your record of criminal convictions does.  If your public defender proved “there is no way possible that woods could have attempted to lure” then you wouldn’t have been convicted.  Duh!


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