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N.J. State Police dispatches troopers to Camden to help quell homicide spree:

Congratulations residents of the Garden State. Your tax dollars are now going to fund the State Police going into the cesspool that is Camden to assist their already overworked police department. While this is much needed it’s still using a water pistol to put out a forest fire.

This is a short-term fix to a long-term problem with no real solution in sight. The talks about starting a countywide police force is again just throwing more money from taxpayers outside of Camden into a hole that isn’t there problem.

Camden will never be a place that people want to go to unless drastic measures are taken and these band-aids that the city and state keep coming up with are not going to cut it.

Not only should the city declare a state of emergency if there was any city that was in need of martial law it would be Camden. Until you get the crime problem under control Camden will always be a city on the decline.

4 thoughts on “State Police being sent into Camden

  1. Jadecrowe says:

    wasn’t Camden the city that laid off like half of their police department?


    1. That would be the one. And they were only ranked as the 2nd most dangerous city this year. 


    2. Jester says:

      Yes, the city of Camden got rid of a large portion of their police department.. Coming from someone who lives just 15min from the city, it is my opinion (and I’ve had quite a few people agree with me) that it has come to the point where the state of New Jersey needs to build a wall around the city and let no one in or out. Let the slime kill each other, and rebuild.

      A friend of mine got lost in Camden a couple years back. She pulled over and asked a police officer for directions. He leaned down to look in her car, (seeing two young females) and responded “The two of you need to turn around and follow this road until you get past the city limits. Worry about finding your way once youre out. Do NOT stop at redlights. Do NOT stop at stopsigns. Just turn around and drive.” And that is exactly what she did.

      I have walked around in Camden because the neurologist my son goes to is located there. Every other person you meet on the streets is asking passerbys for drugs or trying to sell something either drugs or stolen goods to make money for drugs. The entire city literally stinks. It is the most disgusting place I have ever seen.

      The main purpose of the wall idea I mentioned before is to prevent these people from spreading into the decent areas around the city. Lately, it feels as though every time a neighbor or family member decides to chat with me, they are asking me “have you heard they’re building low-income housing” here or there. These low-income housing builders claim that if they bring families out of Camden, the families will prosper and have a better quality of life in addition to thinning the population of the city to make maintaining laws in Camden easier. The sad FACT is that moving families out of Camden into these low-income communities is only causing mini-Camdens to pop up all around New Jersey!



  2. Anonymous says:

    You’re a jackass. Btw remember me? The Dewk Deked The Dick’s Ban, once again. 


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