John Katehis sentenced for murder of George Weber

John Katehis perp walk
John Katehis perp walk

Brooklyn teen John Katehis gets 25 years to life in prison for murder of ABC reporter George Weber:

John Katehis was 16 in 2009 when he brutally murdered New York radio personality George Weber by stabbing him to death over 50 times. Today the self-proclaimed satanist learned today that he will spend 25 years to life behind bars.

During the sentencing hearing, Katehis made an alleged apology.

“For the death of George Weber, I am sorry,” he said. “I regret it.”

That’s a load of crap. Katehis was the one who put the craigslist ad out there offering himself for sexual liaisons with older men with the purpose of making someone a victim. (Previously I had posted that Weber placed the ad but I was incorrect.)

You smiled and winked during your interrogation, you showed up to court with satanic scribbling on your shoes and you tried to get money out of the New York media for your statement. As usual with scum like this, you’re only sorry that you got caught. You’re not such a badass now, are you?

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