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Dante Kirpal Kier

Dante Kirpal Kier

Gang Member Faces Attempted Murder Charge in Kalispell Stabbing:

Again, I think calling Juggalos a gang gives them way too much credit. And is it me or does this guy look like a clown even without the make up?

Anyway that’s 19-year-old Dante Kirpal Kier. He was arrested for allegedly breaking into a family’s home in Kalispell, Montana and trying to stab the homeowner to death with a steak knife. The victim received stab wounds to his arm and the inside of his mouth but was able to subdue Kier. The man’s wife and kids were home at the time as well. According to police not only did Kier admit to being a Juggalo but he also admitted wanting to kill because ‘it felt good’.

Yet another mime who can’t differentiate between a gimmick and reality. I say that because there are a lot of bands out there that have violent lyrics besides ICP but the majority of music fans know that those lyrics are just a gimmick. It just seems that the Juggalos have an inordinate number among them who try to live the gimmick. I’m not blaming the music just the individuals who take it too seriously.

Kier’s father says that Kier has mental illness and drug abuse issues and that he should stay in jail out of concern for the public’s safety as well as his son’s. The public may be kept safe from Kier for an awfully long time as he is looking at 110 years on attempted murder charges. Maybe more clowns will see this and think twice before thinking they’re such badasses.

3 thoughts on “Juggalo charged with MT home invasion stabbing

  1. Your_Pal_Nancy says:

    It’s not just you, my husband said he looks like one of The Jokers minions. That is a rough lookin 19, must be all that Fago.


  2. Jester says:

    My husband still bears the scar from when some wannabe “thug” stabbed him more than ten years ago. He, too, subdued his attacker. I feel bad for the husband who will also bear these physical scars, as well as his family, especially his children who will forever have to look upon them and remember the attack.

    Here is where the frustration comes out… In my personal opinion, anyone who needs to hide behind a gun, knife, or any other weapon is just showing how weak they really are. Even as a female, I learned long ago how to defend myself using nothing but my bare hands. To this day, I am more willing to duke it out than any man I know. However, age brings both wisdom and responsibility, and I learned quickly to choose my battles. Even when I was young, fighting was meant only for defense. My parents taught me never to throw the first punch, and that is a lesson I have passed down to my own child.

    I am annoyed, too, by the common belief of today’s youth that being a part of a gang makes you tough. A teenager’s “gang” is the same as a toddler’s security blanket! It makes them tough? WHY? Because six people jump one guy and win, they’re all tough? I’m finished. I’ve started ranting… I am not even on the correct topic anymore…



    1. KTQT70 says:

      Clown love baby!


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