Backpage responds to Colorado indictments, again through their lawyer

backpage2 response to John Suthers’s announcement of human-trafficking indictment:

No sooner than after I pressed the publish button on my last blog post about the 70 count indictment on a Colorado backpage child sex ring did I get notification that backpage has responded to the indictment. And just like they did on the Detroit murders, they did so through their legal counsel, Steve Suskin. Or as I have dubbed him head legal weasel Slimy McMouthpiece.

Here is the entire response posted on the Village Voice Media owned Westword…

January 31, 2012 Backpage was appalled by the news that criminals in Colorado had so brazenly exploited underaged victims. Backpage commends the efforts of Colorado law enforcement in apprehending, arresting and indicting the perpetrators.
Backpage turned over more than 700 pages of evidence regarding this case to law enforcement in response to a Lakewood Police Department subpoena before the suspects were arrested. We have advised the police today that — based on information in the police subpoena — we have determined that the alleged victims were also advertised in 100 different ads on 15 other web sites. We doubt that any of these other sites cooperated with the police as promptly or as thoroughly as Backpage did.

Backpage has been outspoken in its support for efforts to stop such heinous crimes on the Internet by predators who misuse sites such as Facebook, Craigslist, Backpage and other classified and social networking sites.

We continue to invest millions of dollars in human, technological and other resources to detect and report suspected child predators and to help law enforcement apprehend and prosecute them. And we will continue to cooperate with Lakewood police as they investigate and prosecute this case.

However, we respectfully disagree with the idea put forth by Attorney General John Suthers that taking down Internet pages will help to prevent these crimes. Backpage operates a legal business and complies with state and federal laws. Not only were the alleged victims advertised on at least fifteen other web sites, the suspects and the alleged victims all had Facebook pages.

The Attorney General’s indictment specifically mentions Facebook three different times, but it does not mention Backpage once. We think it unfair that Backpage is singled out by Mr. Suthers in news-media interviews, given our cooperation with law enforcement and successful record of interdicting such terrible crimes and helping the police rescue the victims. We are disappointed that Mr. Suthers ignored the voluminous adult content that still exists on Craigslist today before making a comment that he hoped Backpage “would do something radical like Craigslist,” which took down its Adult Services section in 2010. Had he looked at a recent edition of Craigslist, he would have seen that Craigslist’s adult services ads have migrated to other sections of its pages and the trafficking problem persists on Craigslist, as any search for media reports of trafficking crimes linked to Craigslist demonstrates.

This should be ample proof to anyone that taking down Backpage’s Adult Section, or the entire site for that matter, would have zero impact on the Internet trafficking problem. The ads would be posted elsewhere, most likely a site that allows anonymous posts and doesn’t cooperate with law enforcement.

The Backpage classified service hosts 30 million posts and 100 million images annually in all categories and we do our best to provide a safe, legal environment for our customers to post classified ads. Yet Backpage represents a tiny fraction of the classified ads posted on thousands of web sites every day.

Backpage supports efforts to halt human trafficking and prevent violent crimes from being perpetrated on the Internet, but we think the responsible answer is to employ security strategies that work.

Backpage Adult Services section is well monitored 24/7, nudity is prohibited in our ads, and ads are rejected and reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children if they are suggestive of an underaged person. Backpage posts are not free, nor do we allow posters to be completely anonymous like other sites. We charge $1.00 to post in personals because it holds users accountable and provides useful information for law enforcement.

The bottom line for us is that we address the problem of Internet trafficking with strategies that work to interdict the crimes, not useless strategies that, while they might make good news copy and political rhetoric, don’t rescue anyone.

Steve Suskin, Legal Counsel
Village Voice Media

Again it’s the same old bullshit that they said when the women from Detroit turned up dead. They’re not appalled. They’re not really doing anything to stop women and children from being trafficked on their site and since other sites are doing they think it’s ok for them to do it too. All they care about it how much money they’re making off of these ads and they won’t get rid of the ads because they’re using the money to prop up a dying business.

I can’t see how anybody in good conscience can work for Village Voice Media. They’re nothing more than pimps by proxy and if you’re a VVM employee part of your paycheck is earned through the sexual slavery of the women and children being advertised on backpage.

70 count indictment handed down in Colorado Backpage child sex ring

Burns, Gow, McGowan and Ibarra-Gonzales

Burns, Gow, McGowan and Ibarra-Gonzales

Colorado AG announces indictment of 14 in child-sex ring:

14 accused of trafficking children for sex across Colorado:

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers recently announced a 70 count indictment against 14 suspects for allegedly prostituting five underage girls all throughout Colorado. As in most cases the victims were given drugs and threatened with violence so men could pay to rape them. And of course the victims were said to have been advertised on the Village Voice Media owned

The ringleaders are said to be 22-year-old Patrick Lloyd McGowan, 20-year-old Chad Armand Gow, 20-year-old Roy Manuel Ibarra-Gonzales and 20-year-old Bryan Steven Burns. Investigators say the quartet also sold coke and meth in addition to selling children for sex. They are only facing 24 years in prison each. If history is any indicator we’ll be lucky if they get one-quarter of that sentence.

Think about this for a second. And I mean really think about it. The four of these scumbags ran a ring where they got underage girls coked out and tweaking then forced them to be violated by any perv who had the right amount of cash.

Why are more people not outraged about this? These are our daughters and sister being put out there like so much meat on Backpage and with the exception of maybe one reporter I can think of off the top of my head this news has not cracked the national media. What’s even worse is that very few lawmakers across this country are doing anything about it either.

It’s not just Colorado either, our children are being prostituted all over the country through Backpage and not only are they making millions of dollars off of these kids they say they won’t take the ads down because it’s a free speech issue. Who is looking out for the freedom of the children that are trafficked across the country every day? Definitely not the media nor the government.

And do you know how many johns were named in this indictment? One. As I’ve said before if lawmakers were serious about doing something about child prostitution and human trafficking not only would they have stiffer sentences for the pimps and traffickers but they would be throwing the johns in prison too. Instead what will happen is that most of these assclowns will end up cutting deals and hardly spending any time in prison. Meanwhile their victims will have to live with what they were forced to do for the rest of their lives no matter how or short they may be.

If you’re not outraged by this you either have no heart or you have no problem with young girls being repeatedly violated on a daily basis so the pimps and Backpage can make money.

Six Degrees of Dio: Badlands


Badlands was a band that was started in the late 1980s when Ozzy guitarist Jake E. Lee was fired from the band by telegram from Sharon Osbourne. Yes, even back then she was an obnoxious bitch.

Badlands had a great hard rock sound with their debut album. I saw them live in 1990 opening for Great White and Tesla. I was there just to see Badlands. Unfortunately they couldn’t follow up on their debut albums with anything decent afterwards in my opinion.

They actually have a few roads to Dio and thankfully they are all quite short.


As I mentioned Jake E. Lee played with Ozzy where we can go to Sabbath and then Dio. However both lead singer Ray Gillen and drummer Eric Singer had both been members of Black Sabbath, post-Dio, as well.

Here’s Badlands with my favorite song off their debut album, Streets Cry Freedom.

CT Backpage pimp only gets 10 years


Norwalk Sex-Trafficker Gets 10 Years:

I originally posted about Theodore ‘PeeJaye’ Briggs here. Back in October of 2011 Briggs, of Norwalk, Connecticut, pleaded guilty to prostituting a 14-year-old girl on the Village Voice Media owned backpage,com. At the time I said he was facing 10 to life and I also said that more than likely it would be closer to 10 than life. Unfortunately I was right. Briggs was sentenced to only 10 years.

Why are the laws regarding child prostitution so fucked up? When you pimp out a child you’re collecting money for her to be raped. So why are these pimps not being treated as such? And were any of the johns that basically raped her charged?

As I’ve said before if the government really wanted to do something about human trafficking and child prostitution they would go after the johns with real sentences instead of fines and citations. If you hand out real jail sentences to the johns you’ll see the so-called sex industry die out.

Kill the demand and there will be no need for the supply.

Six Degrees of Dio: Anthrax


Anthrax is one of the seminal thrash bands of all time. There’s a reason they’re part of the big 4, even though to me it’s really the big 2 but that’s neither here nor there.


Dimebag Darrell Abbott played on several Anthrax albums. He also played on the Rob Halford song “Light Comes Out of Black”. Rob Halford has filled in as the lead singer of Black Sabbath on occasion with Tony Iommi. And by now you should know that Tony was in Sabbath/Heaven and Hell with Dio.

Now while I’m sure most people are fans of the classic Anthrax with Joey Belladonna on vocals I’m more of a fan of the John Bush led Anthrax. I felt they were a more serious band with John Bush.

Here’s the John Bush fronted Anthrax with Anyplace But Here off of the album We’ve Come For You All.

Illinois craigslist creeper looking for ‘fathers willing to share their daughters’

Brandon J. Bergthold

Brandon J. Bergthold

Cops: Man sought fathers on Craigslist ‘willing to share their daughters’:

Sheriffs in Will County, Illinois arrested 25-year-old Brandon J. Bergthold for allegedly seeking children for sex on craigslist. Investigators say that Bergthold posted an ad on craigslist looking for “fathers willing to share their daughters.” I would imagine that this would have been in the casual encounters section.

Luckily the person that responded to his ad was an undercover investigator with the Cook County Sheriff’s Child Exploitation Unit. If you’ll remember correctly the Cook County Sheriff’s Department is no fan of craigslist. Anyway the investigator set up a meeting with Bergthold posing as a father willing to give his 6-year-old daughter to Bergthold so he could have sex (child rape) with the girl. Investigators say that he pursued this meeting aggressively. He was also hoping to have sex with the imaginary girl’s imaginary 11-year-old cousin.

Bergthold allegedly told police he was also addicted to child porn so more charges may be coming.

As I’ve said before if one man is arrested for trying to get a parent to prostitute their child out to any pedophile then there are probably more people on craigslist who are getting away with it. But still craigslist refuses to monitor their site and still relies on ‘community policing’. When your community consists of pedophiles and predators don’t expect a lot of policing to occur.

UPDATE 6/19/2012: Bergthold was sentenced to only 10 years. Plenty of time for him, to reoffend when he gets out. He’ll just be a little behind on the pedos’ technological curve when he gets but like most predators it won’t take him long to learn.

OK man charged with stabbing his pregnant wife to death

Jaymie Adams

Jaymie Adams

Husband is arrested on murder complaints in Blanchard mom Jaymie Adams’ death:

Jaymie went missing from her home in Blanchard, Oklahoma on December 10th. Her body was found in Oklahoma City around January 7th. Jaymie was a mother of four who was pregnant with her fifth child when she was killed.

Her husband, Justin Adams, claimed that she was a prostitute advertising her services on craigslist and that they were craigslist swingers. I kept an open mind about suspects because I had previously thought that a missing craigslist prostitute was murdered by her pimp/boyfriend when it turned out she was a victim of a serial killer.

This past Friday Justin Adams was arrested for Jaymie’s murder. According to police it had nothing to with craigslist and everything to do with Justin Adams being a violent and abusive coward. To put it bluntly he was a chicken shit wife beater, allegedly. He’s been charged with stabbing her to death while she was pregnant with his child.

Adams even pulled a Susan Smith by going on TV and beseeching the public for the return of his wife.

Now it is true that Jaymie Adams advertised on craigslist but it was as a massage therapist. There has been no concrete evidence that she crossed over to the ‘happy ending’ type of massage therapist. But it shouldn’t matter even if she was a prostitute. She was brutally stabbed to death while six months pregnant. Not to mention that if she was a prostitute I wouldn’t be surprised if her husband was the one pimping her out.

I have no tolerance for wife beaters and I have even less for baby killers whether the baby was born or not. Oklahoma does have the death penalty and I hope that prosecutors pursue it against this coward.

Zarate conviction upheld

Jonathan Zarate

Jonathan Zarate

Appeal fails for Randolph man convicted of killing Jennifer Parks:

Appeals court upholds decision to convict Randolph man of killing, dismembering neighbor:

Jonathan Zarate of Randolph, New Jersey was convicted and sentenced to life plus 24 years for the 2005 murder and dismemberment of his neighbor, 16-year-old Jennifer Parks. This past week the New Jersey court of appeals held up his conviction. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons his attorney appealed the conviction.

Unsuccessful arguments were that a change of trial venue should have been granted;

You could have held the trial in the Pine Barrens with squirrels and possums and this scumbag still would have been convicted.

Jonathan Zarate’s confession should have been suppressed;

Why? He was read his Miranda rights six times. Not only that but he admitted to Jennifer’s murder to just about every one he talked to in prison.

graphic, prejudicial photographs of Parks should have been suppressed;

If he was so proud of what he did then jury should get to see his bloody handiwork.

and the sentence was excessive.

You got to be shitting me on this one. Since it was New Jersey he had no shot of getting the death penalty. And after what he did to Jennifer throwing him feet first into a rusty woodchipper would not have been excessive and it’s what he deserves.

The three-judge panel rejected Jonathan Zarate’s arguments that pre-trial publicity tainted the jury pool

He stabbed and beat a 16-year-old girl and cut off her legs so he could stuff her in a trunk, he kept the trunk hidden for 24 hours then tried to dump her remains in the Passaic River. It’s his actions that caused any pre-trial publicity.

and that the jury pool did not have enough African Americans and Hispanic members.

This had nothing to do with race. You could have stacked the jury with transgendered albino Eskimo rodeo clowns and they still would have returned a guilty verdict.

I’m sure there will be more appeals in the future for this rat bastard but as I’ve said many times before Laurie Parks can’t appeal to anybody to bring Jennifer back. As long as Zarate still draws breath there will be no true justice.

School bombing plot busted in Utah

Dallin Todd Morgan

Dallin Todd Morgan

Affidavit: Teens in Roy bomb plot wanted ‘revenge on the world’:

Police: Release of juvenile’s name helped reveal more in Roy High bomb plot case:

Within the past few years I haven’t been posting every single school violence plot or threat, they’re just too numerous. So lately I’ve only been posting the ones where weapons have been found or if there is some kind of ‘hook’ to the story. And boy howdy is there a hook to this one.

This week police in Roy, Utah arrested 18-year-old Dallin Todd Morgan and 16-year-old Joshua Kyler Hoggan for allegedly plotting an attack on Roy High School. It seems that Morgan was the lackey in this case even though he’s been charged with being possession of a weapon of mass destruction. I haven’t seen what the weapon was but one could safely assume that it was probably some kind of pipe bomb. Hoggan on the other hand has quite the story.

Police say that the 16-year-old Hoggan had a fascination with Columbine. Fascination is probably an understatement since Hoggan is said to have flown to Colorado on his own accord to interview Columbine High School principal Frank DeAngelis. Mr. DeAngelis is the current principal and was principal during the Columbine shootings.

Hoggan isn’t your typical mutant though. Police say that when they compared him to the Columbine gunmen that Hoggan was insulted saying that they failed at their main objectives and that he could do more damage than them because of how intelligent he is.

But just because someone is intelligent doesn’t mean they can’t be a dumbass. Police say that part of their plan was to escape by stealing a plane from a local airport and fleeing the country. They are said to have practiced on computer flight simulator programs. First off it’s not as easy as they think to steal an airplane. It’s not like hotwiring a car and taking it for a joyride. And if they were to get a plane of the ground the FAA doesn’t take to kindly to criminals trying to flee the country in a stolen plane. Not to mention that any pilot will tell you that flight simulation software is no comparison to actual flight time.

So far no motive has been mentioned outside of the pair wanting revenge on the world but as always I’m sure it will be some selfish and shallow reason.

Six Degrees of Dio: Alice in Chains

AiC Dirt

In my opinion, Alice in Chains was the only band from the heyday of grunge that was worth a damn. Not only that but they were an awesome band. But yes, even they have a connection to Dio.


Chris DeGarmo of Queensryche appeared on Jerry Cantrell’s solo album Degradation Trip. DeGarmo was in Queensryche with Geoff Tate. Geoff Tate and Ronnie James Dio both sang vocals on the song ‘The Chase’ off of Operation Mindcrime II

Here’s my favorite Alice in Chains song, ‘Would?’