70 count indictment handed down in Colorado Backpage child sex ring

Burns, Gow, McGowan and Ibarra-Gonzales
Burns, Gow, McGowan, and Ibarra-Gonzales

Colorado AG announces indictment of 14 in child-sex ring:

14 accused of trafficking children for sex across Colorado:

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers recently announced a 70 count indictment against 14 suspects for allegedly prostituting five underage girls all throughout Colorado. As in most cases, the victims were given drugs and threatened with violence so men could pay to rape them. And of course, the victims were said to have been advertised on the Village Voice Media-owned Backpage.com.

The ringleaders are said to be 22-year-old Patrick Lloyd McGowan, 20-year-old Chad Armand Gow, 20-year-old Roy Manuel Ibarra-Gonzales and 20-year-old Bryan Steven Burns. Investigators say the quartet also sold coke and meth in addition to selling children for sex. They are only facing 24 years in prison each. If history is any indicator we’ll be lucky if they get one-quarter of that sentence.

Think about this for a second. And I mean really think about it. The four of these scumbags ran a ring where they got underage girls coked out and tweaking then forced them to be violated by any perv who had the right amount of cash.

Why are more people not outraged about this? These are our daughters and sister being put out there like so much meat on Backpage and with the exception of maybe one reporter I can think of off the top of my head, this news has not cracked the national media. What’s even worse is that very few lawmakers across this country are doing anything about it either.

It’s not just Colorado either, our children are being prostituted all over the country through Backpage and not only are they making millions of dollars off of these kids they say they won’t take the ads down because it’s a free speech issue. Who is looking out for the freedom of the children that are trafficked across the country every day? Definitely not the media nor the government.

And do you know how many johns were named in this indictment? One. As I’ve said before if lawmakers were serious about doing something about child prostitution and human trafficking not only would they have stiffer sentences for the pimps and traffickers but they would be throwing the johns in prison too. Instead what will happen is that most of these assclowns will end up cutting deals and hardly spending any time in prison. Meanwhile, their victims will have to live with what they were forced to do for the rest of their lives no matter how or short they may be.

If you’re not outraged by this you either have no heart or you have no problem with young girls being repeatedly violated on a daily basis so the pimps and Backpage can make money.

3 thoughts on “70 count indictment handed down in Colorado Backpage child sex ring”

  1. An estimated 300,000 children in the U.S. are currently being trafficked for sex.

    Agreed, if you aren’t outraged you either don’t have a heart or you just aren’t paying attention. This shit isn’t just in Thailand people, it’s in your fucking backyard.


  2. NOT enough people raise their voice to make their representatives, senators and governors more AWARE!! SPEAK UP PEOPLE!! As someone who took phone tips about this kind of stuff, I’ve heard many a horror stories similiar to this, you need to speak up!


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