Last of the Lakeshore plotters pleads


Lakeshore High shooting plot case concludes with teen’s plea to reduced charge:

The last of the Day Zero plotters accused of plotting an attack on Lakeshore High School in Louisiana has pleaded guilty. 16-year-old Daniel Hopkins pleaded true, the juvenile version of guilty, to conspiracy to commit terrorizing. He was basically sentenced to time served. A charge of solicitation of murder was dropped due to insufficient evidence.

I guess this closes the book once and for all on the Lakeshore plot but should it be closed? I mean the mother of the plot’s ringleader, Todd Singleton, allegedly not only deleted the Facebook page where the trio discussed their plans but she also destroyed her son’s computer. Why are tampering or obstruction charges not being filed? Does that not make her an accessory to the crime? How do we expect kids like this to respect the law when the adults in their lives are not only enablers but they’re not being held responsible for their actions.

If more parents were held responsible for matters like this maybe they wouldn’t have the ‘not my kid’ mentality.

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