Fake Seattle cop sentenced for Backpage child rapes

Julian Tarver
Julian Tarver

Man who posed as officer to get sex sentenced to 14-year term:

26-year-old Julian Tarver of Seattle previously did a stint in prison on arson and child porn charges. You would think that since he was caught after committing multiple rapes that he would get a real sentence. As my wife likes to say that’s what you get for thinking. In a plea deal, Tarver was only sentenced to 14 1/2 years.

Tarver would pose as some kind of law enforcement officer when he raped several women that he obtained through the escort section of the Village Voice Media-owned backpage.com. He would flash his fake badge and then rape them. Two of his victims were 15-year-old girls.

How is this trash not getting at least 25 years if not life in prison especially considering that he’s a repeat offender? And how are Backpage and Village Voice Media still claiming that not only is there nothing wrong with the escort ads but that they take steps to make sure that children aren’t being peddled? I think I and many other people have proved time and again that they’re not doing nearly enough.

3 thoughts on “Fake Seattle cop sentenced for Backpage child rapes”

  1. You think that this real life version of Wimpy from Popeye has such a ridiculously short sentence  because the victims were prostitutes?
    And I’m trying to think of how CL or BP is stopping the peddling of children…umm, but I’m not getting it,  I’m not seeing how, by what? Asking for an age?
    Those places are like Club Rape for depraved, booger eating sickos and as much as we all want freedom on the internet, this isn’t freedom…having a place to basically order in a rape is insane, there needs to be some serious regulations put in place, shit has to change.


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