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Mandi Lynn Bowman

Mandi Lynn Bowman

Two charged with sex trafficking of runaway West Palm Beach girl:

In West Palm Beach, Florida 33-year-old Rashad Emon Clark, aka Shagg Dog, and 22-year-old Mandi Lynn Bowman have been charged with prostituting a 14-year-old runaway girl on the Village Voice Media owned I would have posted a picture of Mr. Dog but I was unable to find one.

Anyway Clark approached the girl at a convenience store and convinced her to work for him as a prostitute. Bowmman allegedly took pictures of the girl for backpage and ‘educated’ the girl on how to answer phone calls and negotiate fees.

If you think that these girls are willing to be prostitutes this quote says otherwise…

She was told “she had to choose money or friends,” and was given condoms and lubricant.

The girl was reported missing by her stepfather and the first place police went to look for the girl was backpage.

And of course like most pimps Clark is also accused of having sex with the girl. Or as I like to call it, child rape…

She told agents that after the juvenile met Shagg Dog, Bowman was asked to leave the hotel room so the two could have sex. She didn’t want to leave because it was early in the morning, the complaint says, so she stayed in the hotel room and covered her head with bed sheets, according to the complaint.


When police finally found her she had already had sex with some of the johns, again, child rape.

How are those safeguards working that you allegedly spend millions of dollars on backpage? It doesn’t seem like they’re working too well. And by not too well I mean not at all. Yet still backpage and Village Voice Media stick their fingers in their ears and go LA LA LA LA LA LA FREE SPEECH OTHER SITES DO IT TOO LA LA LA LA LA. All the while counting the millions of dollars they make from such upstanding citizens like ‘Shagg Dog’.

Dog and his bitch are both looking at possible life sentences. Maybe for once a state will actually sentence scum like this to the terms they deserve.

3 thoughts on “Shagg Dog and Mandi charged with backpage child prostitution

  1. Lfinnegan says:

    Shaggy the Dog was arrested by FBI agents in Houston. His mugshot should be available soon when they send him back to Florida.


  2. Abuelita says:

    Mandi is currently on probation and registered as a Sex Offender, residing in east Fort Lauderdale, FL, per the notification I just received through the Florida Offender Alert system. I’m sure she has redeemable qualities and I pray she has learned her lesson once and for all.


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