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Daniel and Alisha Hall

Daniel and Alisha Hall

Mt. Morris couple charged with sexually abusing their 6-month-old daughter:

I know we’re not supposed to judge people on looks but holy crap do these two look like a couple of Dick Tracy villains.

Anyway Stinkeye and Lowbrow are Daniel and Alisha Hall of Mt. Morris, Michigan. They’re swingers. And no I don’t mean from trees even though I could see why you would think that. No they’re the type that have sex with other couples. Yes, that was hard to type without gagging. It appears that they like to get kids involved in the family hobby.

According to police they received an anonymous tip that the Halls sent a message to another couple through a swingers website asking them if they had a young daughter that wanted to join in. This prompted police to investigate the Halls and they say not only did they find a massive amount of kiddie porn on their computer but they also found pictures of Daniel Hall allegedly raping his own 6-month-old daughter while Alisha Hall took the pictures.

This case even gets more bizarre as Daniel Hall is the son of a convicted rapist who is serving a life term. Hall the younger allegedly told an undercover cop that he was more into kids than his wife.

At his arraignment it seems like Hall acted like this was no big deal

“I would like to get a bond so that I can go back to work (at Ya-Yas) and go back to my church,” he said according to the transcript. “I regularly attend Clio Community Church of God. And I’d just like to be able to go back … (because) I don’t believe I’ve done what they’re saying I’ve done … I don’t belong in here.”

I’m pretty sure that the church is not going to want you around although I’ve been wrong about that before.

Hall claims to have been molested by his rapist father.

People are coming forward saying that Hall may have molested their kids as well.

And to top it all off Alisha Hall is 7 months pregnant. I guess their current daughter was getting too old for his tastes.

This is the not the first time I’ve posted one of these stories. Unfortunately it probably won’t be the last. But every time I post one of these stories the same questions go through my head. First of all how does one approach their wife that they want to molest their own daughter. “Hey hon, what you and I have is great but you know what would make it better? If I raped our infant daughter while you took pictures.” And then for her to agree to that? WHAT THE FUCK?

Scum like this need to be made very public examples. All states should institute the death penalty for parents who rape their children and allow it to happen. And considering there is probable photographic evidence there should be no appeals and it should be carried out on the courthouse steps as soon as the verdict is read. There should be no mercy for Breeders like this who violate the most sacred of trusts that children should have with their parents. Put them down like dogs.

Thanks to Jennifer for the tip and for such great coverage.

35 thoughts on “Malformed Michigan Breeders charged with molesting 6-month-old daughter

  1. Like father, like son.  *puke*


  2. Clevo says:

    There are no worde to adequately describe the heinousness (wouldn’t heiniosity sound better?) of these two evil fugly pervs. Really, out of the gene pool you throwbacks. Who would possibly swing with these two? Gods! some people have no standards.


    1. On doing research for another one of my sites I noticed that swingers tend to be ugly trailer trash. 


      1. Clevo says:

        Snarky. I love it. Snark is one of my favorite things!


  3. Suzee says:

    This story still makes me want to fucking puke. When Deena and I discussed it we just could not muster words.


  4. nikki v says:

    thank god even though my brothers sperm donor is a molester i know my brother never would do that he cant stand when my daughter dont shut the bathroom door. the men like this are sick and this is very close to me i sent like 7 links myself may thay have to go down a slide of razors and land in a pool of alcohol


  5. digchild says:

    These two are in their mid-20’s.In any case,I’m so disgusted that they raped their own 6-month-old.Sick perverts like them obviously don’t deserve to have kids at all.This level of sick pervertedness can never be fixed,so I suggest that both of them be shot in the head and then throw the remains into an incinerator.


  6. occupymyfootinurarse says:

    if there is photographic evidence of the disgusting bullshit they committed, wtf is a trial needed for? as soon as she gives birth and that child is “regifted”, make them stand back-to-back and use 1 bullet to take out the trash. ugh.


    1. Love your screen name by the way. 


    2. Angel says:

       In addition to the comment you posted, I have to say – I LOVE your screen name!!! One of my all-time faves!


  7. Stephanie says:

    I am very disgusted…we are supposed to protect our children no harm them!!! i pray for the baby girl i hope she gets a great family and none of this horrible stuff is remembered


  8. Rachel says:

    Jaw. Drop.



  9. Butterflieswillson says:

    These two fuck faces also have videos on youtube the hall family videos where you can see the poor baby girl this fuck face raped.


    1. Lori Harrison says:

       I went looking for the videos, and he calls himself a comedian and actor?  His videos are nothing but juvenile attention whorish goofy crap.  They’re boring and nothing is even remotely amusing-at all.  He also has a sociopath laugh. 
      I didn’t find any vids with the baby in them.  Some videos have been removed and they were too boring to sit through and look at them all. 

      What a couple of nutsos.  I hope that poor baby never has to see either of them again.


  10. SueCitySue says:

    two words… public hanging


    1. Clevo says:

      ONLY following a prolonged public whipping!


  11. Therese_lilja says:

    Completely disgusting. Where do these people come from?
    Filthy pieces of trash, that’s what they are.
    It doesn’t matter if you’re parents are assholes. You still have the choice to be a good one. And if you can’t do that, THEN DON’T HAVE KIDS!


  12. Anne says:

    Inbred. Definitely.

    As with our current capital punishment laws, I would support them if the death penalty were applied to sex criminals across the board, to the richest people with the best lawyers as well as the lowliest shotgun shack dwellers.  But as we’re seeing with high-profile cases like those of Roman Polanski, Michael Jackson and Jerry Sandusky, it’s amazing how much money and support from higher ups a well-placed pedo can attract.


  13. Allizer says:

    I don’t need Weight Watchers anymore, all I have to do is read this blog and my appetite is gone for the rest of the day!   People, we need a lifeguard at the gene pool.


    1. Clevo says:

      More like a gatekeeper I think BUT you give good snark and snarkiness is good. 😛


  14. greywintersky says:

    He definately should be castrated (cut off EVERYTHING) and stuff his STUFF up HIS own arse. And she should be given a complete hysterectomy to guarantee that neither of them will be able to produce any more victims…should they ever be released….a very disturbing thought.  Actually, I like the thought of a public stoning by victims of sexual abuse.


  15. Nell Torres says:

    WTF??! What PURPOSE do disgusting people like this have in our country? I cannot fathom why we should even allow this walking, breathing flesh-matter to exist. I seriously just want to shoot myself in the face, I cannot picture this poor babygirl being raped by her donor. Why is it that cases like these are so common in “trailer park” communities? I am so…heartbroken, so enraged, so utterly pissed off that these people will probably be honored with living after committing the unthinkable. My unborn son is even pissed off right now ::Off Momma’s spleen please, dearest::

    Hideous, waste of precious resources in our Nation. Oh, and Micheal Jackson was not a pedophile.  He was a victim of a horrible conspiracy, the same conspiracy that allowed the Vatican priests to rape children and also “shields” the general public from what is really happening in our world. Dark forces enable pedophilia even in our most “sacred” circles, simply because children are pure, innocent vessels of Light…the corruption/traumatization/murder of a child especially by a parent releases untold Dark energy/power into our world.  We must never give up, awareness is key to stopping this horror and rebalancing our world. But scum like this will never be able to grasp the concept of innocence, holiness, and the respect a child deserves simply for depending on us for Life.



    1. Deena says:

      They will be living because Michigan does not have the death penalty. So though these two pieces of vermin deserve to die the most horrible of deaths…they won’t, instead I will go to work every effing day to keep them fed and housed.

      I wish Michigan had the death penalty! I live here and it pisses me off!


  16. Nell Torres says:

    That sucks so beyond horribly. Other than the precious lives hurt and lost to ::at a loss of words to describe the vermin:: the other enraging factor is yep…we do have to go to work everyday not only to support our families but also people like this.  Ugh.


    1. Angel says:

       The law says we have to feed them, but it does not say WHAT we have to feed them….

      Might I suggest a Strychnine salad, followed by a main course of arsenic alfredo sauce over cyanide chicken? That should take care of both the criminal AND those astronomical grocery bills at the prison. 

      Recipes available upon request for any prison warden wishing to serve my menu options….dessert items also available for those inmates who have a sweet tooth…


  17. Tcontact says:

    I am stunned when about these wastes of air and space. If a baby turns you on, head for the nearest bridge, and jump! How did having intercourse with an infant EVER become an option? I would painfully end the life of any disgusting parasite that even mentioned a sexual encounter with my child, infant, toddler, child, pre-teen, or teen. Death IS the only way to end this disease. Here’s hoping that reincarnation is real and they ate reborn in the slums of India.


  18. D_in_313 says:

    Ppl are just coming forward stating that HAll molested their children. Those effin parents should have some jail time to sit a marinate about why they didn’t come forward sooner.


  19. Missradochick says:

    He has a IMDB page lol


    1. shannie says:

       Yeah, I saw that when this story first broke, babyfucker-freakboy fancies himself as some kind of jester of sorts…figures he’d be in a film with Screech from Saved By The Bell…I hate these two fucks.


    1. Marsha says:

       I’m sure her mental limitations were why he chose her.


  20. Mbarton 25 says:

    It looks like someone placed a flat iron on his head!


  21. Mike Avery says:

    Update: David Hall’s life sentence was thrown out on June 27 on appeal. He was resentenced to 25-50 years


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