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Jennifer Long

Jennifer Long

Columbus adoptive mom pleads not guilty in toddler’s death:

Mother accused of killing daughter pleads not guilty in court:

35-year-old Jennifer Long of Columbus, Georgia has been charged in the murder of her adopted 18-month-old daughter, Alexis Long. According to police Alexis threw a temper tantrum after a long trip. In return Long allegedly threw Alexis onto a wooden changing table. The impact was so strong the table was said to have splintered in the middle. After the impact Alexis was unresponsive and died after being airlifted to the hospital.

I want to illustrate the amount of force needed to make a table almost split in half and the only way I can think of doing that is with professional wrestling. Please humor me for a moment. Here’s a video where one wrestler throws another through a table at the 1:40 mark.

Now here’s my point. In professional wrestling those tables are what’s known as gimmicked. They are partially cut to try to make it easier for the wrestler to go through. However these men are in upwards of 300 pounds and still need tremendous force to go through the table. I’ve actually even seen some matches where the table did not break and the wrestler just bounced off the table. Not to mention they still can get injured whether the stunt works or not.

Now imagine the force it must have taken for someone to throw a toddler down on to a wooden table that caused the table to splinter in the middle like that. An average toddler weighs about 24 lbs. (10.8 kg), not the 250-300 lbs of a pro wrestler. The force that she must have used must have been almost superhuman to cause that kind of destruction.

Long has been charged with Alexis’ murder and is being held without bond. Her husband, Timothy Long, has been charged with second degree child cruelty and is out on $5000 bond.

And don’t think I’ve forgotten the fact that Alexis was adopted. Being adopted myself I know that being adopted is supposed to mean being given a second chance at life with loving parents. It doesn’t mean you can just slam your kids down on the furniture.

Of course Long has pleaded not guilty. If there was any justice in the world ‘they’ should see if she could survive something like this.

Thanks to Lara for the tip.

6 thoughts on “Ga. Breeder tried to put baby through table, killed her instead

  1. Digchild says:

    This woman adopted probably because she desperately wanted kids,but had been unsuccessfully trying to conceive for years.Yet,she failed miserably at being a mom.Seriously,adoption agencies really need to do thorough background checks on those who want to adopt kids to ensure that these adults are fit to raise kids.


    1. Aimee says:

      A background check doesn’t catch those who have nothing on it before, though.


  2. Why the FUCK would someone go through all that time, effort, money,  parenting classes, and whatnot that Adoption agencies make parents go through,  to, kill the kid?  She CHOSE that baby.  She WANTED THAT BABY.  and umf killed him.  Hello twatface, Adopted kids have this thing called “Attachment disorder” they don’t automatically love you like a puppy!  They need time to get to know you, trust you, then the love comes.  They’ve been taken/given up by their moms, and it does something to their brains, called Attachment Disorder.  (My daughter was erroniously diagnosed with it btw so I know all about this)    Oh and another thing, 18 month olds have temper tantrums.  It’s par for the course.  you WALK…AWAY.  


    1. Marsha says:

      I asked a therapist about this recently.  She said that people like this have some kind of romantic notion about chldren coupled with the idea that the child is going to be grateful.   They aren’t prepared for the work and the mess and the tantrums let alone any issues that the child may already have as you pointed out.  They decide that they are going to get CONTROL over this ungrateful child.  But that kind of control isn’t possible and the result is abuse or murder.

      A background check turns up arrests, convictions, and past CPS involvement.   If someone had an uncontrollable temper I think that might turn up if neighbors are questioned.   But I think that there would have to be a psychological exam done by experts to uncover this in some people.   I remember a special about a social worker who was adopting a little girl.   The woman had been a CPS worker for years and was renown for her love of kids.  But the little girl she wanted to adopt wanted her real mother (whose problem was poverty not abuse) and she had tantrums.   The social worker ‘mom’ tied her to a chair and duct taped her during a tantrum and put her in the basement.  The chair overturned and she suffocated.


  3. Aimee says:

    I would like to point out a few things. You said it was a changing table. Meaning it was probably smaller and harder to break then the pressed wood of those tables used in WWE. Second… Those wooden tables ARE scored down the middle so they break with the force of about 400 to 700 pounds if not more, depending on height of which they fell. Those men don’t get thrown on the table, They jump and land on the table. And also if you watch these men curl up in  a way that they’ve learned after years of practice so they don’t get hurt and they STILL get hurt. More then one pro-wrestler has had career  ending injuries after a TLC match. (Undertaker, Goldberg, Kevin Nash… To name a few) With that said… It still took that much force to break that table. She forced that baby to do what it takes grown men years to do and they still get it wrong sometimes. Not only that I guess she missed the warning at the beginning of the show that states, “We are professionals…”

    Oh.. I’m not a physics expert but I do watch a lot of wrestling specials on TV with the men in my house. Those figures and everything was on one special when they explained how it was done. There was also talk about how the legs are positioned and the one preforming the move also aims for the middle/weakest point.


  4. Anonymous says:

    So sad, so scary and just so heartbreaking. Adoption IS so wonderful because it’s giving a baby another chance for whatever reason, to be loved. Then something like this happens. It makes you wonder what the adoption agency is thinking right now. Or her natural mother, if living. It’s just so sad that adults can’t handle a child doing what they normally do. They always say, walk away if you have to…..


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