Louisiana Dumbfish law thrown back

Give me that fish!
Give me that fish!

Judge throws out La. Facebook ban on sex offenders:

Last summer the state of Louisiana passed a law that would ban sex offenders from social networking sites if their crimes involved children. I call it the Dumbfish law because there are so many ways to circumvent such a ban only an idiot would be caught by this law. Much akin to a dumb fish jumping into a fisherman’s boat. Now that law has been thrown out by a federal court.

A federal judge ruled that the law was too broad and could keep sex offenders from even using Louisiana’s state website. The ACLU, representing two sex offenders naturally, argued that sex offenders could be kept off any site that required a user login and password.

I’m here to help the state of Louisiana to get a new law passed. The solution is simple really. Talk to the legislature of North Carolina. North Carolina invented the Dumbfish law. As a matter of fact, here in the Tarheel State it’s illegal for any sex offender to be on any social networking site and as far as my memory serves me it has withstood legal challenges. Not to mention that North Carolina has caught its fair share of Dumbfish in its net with this law.

But as I’ve said before while the law may catch the occasional dumb registered sex offender it does nothing to help catch the ones who aren’t registered, the ones who haven’t been caught yet. What we really need is laws that give these creeps real time in prison and not the joke sentences that they’re currently receiving.

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