The further adventures of Author Z

Maybe if I complain more about the other book my book will become better.
Maybe if I complain more about the other book my book will become better.

I originally posted about Authors X and Z here. Long story short both authors wrote books on the same crime that were released at roughly the same time. Book X went on to be a hit. Book Z did not. Then Author Z recently took to the web to bitch about how bad he thinks Book X is. Follow me so far? If not brush up on your algebra. Now Author Z’s whining is no longer contained to just the internet.

You see Author X is in talks to have Book X made into a movie. Author Z has recently been published in a major metropolitan newspaper saying that Movie X would be insensitive to the victims and their families. The thing is he could be right if the movie’s makers decided to skew some things to make it more ‘Hollywood’. You know what I mean, the type of movie that would say “based on Book X” but really has not much to do with the actual story.

Again this sounds like to me that Author Z is using the possibility of Movie X to promote his own book and that he’s not concerned at all about the victims or their families’ feelings. To me, that’s more insensitive to any movie that could be possibly made.

My question is if Hollywood wanted to make Book Z into a movie would he then turn down the money saying it would be insensitive or would he step over the victims and their families on the way to the bank?

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