Animal rights nut solicits hitman on Facebook

Meredith 'I have no soul' Lowell
Meredith ‘I have no soul’ Lowell

Animal rights activist ‘set up Facebook account to appeal for hit man to kill stranger wearing a fur coat’:

27-year-old Meredith Lowell of Cleveland Heights, Ohio has been charged with allegedly trying to solicit a hitman on Facebook. Not for anyone in particular but any random person that happens to be wearing fur.

Investigators say that Howell set up a Facebook page under the assumed name of Anne Lowery to solicit someone to kill a random stranger that was wearing fur because Lowell is an animal rights ‘activist’. I believe this makes her an animal rights terrorist but I digress.

Allegedly she wanted the random stranger killed so she could then distribute fliers about the ‘evils’ of wearing fur and eating meat at the scene of the murder. She is said to have asked the hitman to kill someone 14 or older but a 12-year-old would do in a pinch.

Since you’re reading this here you can guess that the hitman that contacted her was an FBI agent.

Lowell allegedly claimed she wanted to be arrested at the site of the impending murder in part so she could get out of her parents’ house where her family eats meat and wear leather, fur, and wool. That’s right kids, 27 and living at home. No word on if she occupied the basement.

What I want to know is why do the more stupid among us seem to think that there is a cadre of hitmen that roll Facebook looking for gigs?

Let us also not forget there is no such thing as anonymity on the internet. As soon as you post something illegal like this on any website law enforcement will be able to find you.

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