Convicted rapist accused of killing teen he met on Mbuzzy

Lloyd Jones
Lloyd Jones

Ark. man pleads not guilty in death of teen:

Recently you may have heard of the story of 36-year-old convicted rapist Lloyd Jones of Little Rock, Arkansas. He’s accused of murdering 16-year-old Angela Allen after meeting the teen online. When I first heard of this story I assumed the website used was either MyYearbook or Facebook. It turns out it was a social networking site that I never heard of until now.

First the details. Jones is said to have told police that he took Allen to the Arkansas River and then freaked out and pushed her in the river when she told him her actual age. Except that Angela’s body was found in a plastic barrel on his brother’s property and the autopsy says that the cause of death was strangulation and that there was no water in her lungs.

Jones was previously convicted for a 2001 rape where he held a box cutter to a woman’s throat and covered her mouth with duct tape before raping her. He got 10 years for that and only served 8.

The website that police say Jones met Angela on is called Mbuzzy. I had never heard of this site before today. I went there to check it out and it seems like a low rent hook up site much like MyYearbook. The difference with Mbuzzy is it’s geared towards smartphone users. That means that kids can access this site and that predators can reach out to kids without them even being home. I do mean kids by the way as Mbuzzy’s terms of service allow for users as young as 13.

It’s easy to monitor your kids’ activity on computers, on smartphones not so much especially since the phone is in the child’s possession most of the time. Even more disheartening I discovered that Android phones have no parental controls built in. You have to use trial and error with various apps from the marketplace. The iPhone on the other hand does have built-in parental controls and you can learn how to use them here.

Remember, as a parent you are the only real line of defense between your kids and online sexual predators. That now includes cell phones as well as computers. Knowledge is power. Arm yourselves with that knowledge before it’s too late.

UPDATE 8/24/2012: Jones has pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 60 years in prison. If he went to trial and was found guilty he would have gotten LWOP. How in the blue hell was this previously convicted rapist not up for the death penalty?

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  1. Wtf? Mbuzzy?….I haven’t even read the whole post yet and am super glad you didn’t know what Mbuzzy was either, cause I got all embarrassed and felt out the loop…and like old or something. 

  2. it. And checked out Mbuzzy. It seems like it’s a total hook up place and creeps me out if you go to the Chat room types and see the amount of people on certain chats, you know what I mean. In the “Flirting” there was like 600+ and in “music” 3 people. 
    Oh great… another place naive, young kids can be sought out by predators. 🙁

  3. Mbuzzy has no control what so ever over their own site. People can be cloned on that site. Most of them are magazine photos. Mbuzzy is more fake than real. Being a child and being on mbuzzy site is very dangerous. WATCH YOUR KIDS. BETTER YET CHECK THE SITE OUT FOR YOURSELF !!!! VERY LOW STANDARDS… TRASHY

  4. Stop putting everything thing on everybody but raising ur on children plant the seed n ur children n pray’aint nobody blaming the government 4promoting homosexuallity’gay rite wats is tat leave mbuzzy alone its a cool site.

      1. Trench Reynolds is obviously a troll who has some fucked up kids and want to blame others rather than admit he was most likely a deadbeat horrible father and bad role odel

        1. Did you mean TR is a bad role Yodel? I have heard from several folks that his yodeling leaves much to be desired but yodeling is in the ear of the beholder so quit judgin’ and hatin’.

          1. Me judging and hating!!!!!!!!! never, well maybe hating cause i hate when people act like idiots and then think they all high and mighty. as for judging the only person doing that here is TR have you not seen the hateful judgmental comments he’s left other people.

            1. This guy is ryt..iv been on mbuzzy for 3 yrs now,its just another chat site…u ppl need to calm down,realize that mbuzzy is not the problem here…its the way u monitor and get to know your own child and what they are up to!!!geeze…

          1. Since you didn’t know let me inform you, I’m a 20 year old male college student with no kids, so i can assure you i’m not projecting a thing unto you, but from you comments i can read you like a book.

            well minus the fact that her username is lady loco, why do you feel sorry for her children, tell me is that the same thing you say to any Eharmony members who met their significant other on Eharmony or any other dating site.

            1. as someone stated before mbuzzy is just like any other social networking site, anyone who thinks otherwise is sadly mistaken and just want something to hate on for what unfortunately happened to this young girl, she mad a foolish mistake in meeting up with someone she met on the internet without taking proper safety precautions (as to the fact she was even looking to meet up with people on the internet at such a young age is a different thing all together), but if you must blame something/someone blame that monster who took advantage of a young girl, facebook might look more flashy or pleasant on the eyes than mbuzzy but if for on second you don’t think that kind of thing has ever happened would ever happen on/with facebook please think again and go check you facts.

              Unlike all those adult dating sites mbuzzy has a no naked photo/ profile pic policy not sure which or if it makes a difference but thats basically the same with facebook so long as even the tiniest piece of clothing is covering it, its ok, im sure thats a lot better than the full blown naked pics on adult finder. and for those thinking oh no facebook is totally different have you never come across the naughty girls of american page on facebook, lmao just about all pornstars infact have a facebook page, you don’t think there are pervers both women and men on facebook then you’re sadly delusional or just addict to denial, because you don’t want to admit the site your kids go on are just as bad.

  5. I met my fiancé of four years on mbuzzy! There are perverts on there just like every other site. Kids lie about ages more and more as well. So it’s what you teach your child.

    1. So what was the purpose of having mbuzzy admin then?? They were suppose to be monitoring the rooms,, instead of suspending people they dont like. And lady have nothing else going for you,, i know who your are…you’ve had 3 kids since 2012 please…its a low budget site with shady characters and chat gangs. I deleted my profile because of stalkers and so called “roasters” very pathedic grown ppl that have disconnected to reality and lives depend on mbuzzy.

  6. Ive been apart of mbuzzy for two years ive made alot of friends during that time u just got to be smart and have common sense to use it

  7. All dumb asses, because facebook doesn’t work on phones right, because myyearbook doesn’t, because eharmony and all the actual dating sites and social sites don’t work on phones, just shut up please your making an ass of yourself just about all social network sites have 13and up as the required age, and as for adult dating site really like those check and verify your age. So go raise your dam kids and stop trying to blame other people and things for the stupid mistakes children often make in an attempt to act/be grown up and mature.

      1. Lmfao what 20 year old you know these days that doesn’t know how to work their phone, how exactly don’t am i a dumbass who doesn’t know how to work there phone right, for you to read and comment like that and come back with such a foolish response only proves my point, your just a troll who needs some attention, i guess your children don’t give you any.

  8. I also don’t know what android phones the op Is talking about because all I have ever had and I’ve had quite a few have built in ways of parental control/restricting what can be done on the phone, and there’s apps on the android market that goes far beyond any on the apple app store for the purpose of parental control and monitoring what the phone is or has been used for.

  9. I know I’m late but I’ve used mbuzzy and its not super safe that used to allow ANY content from everyone.

  10. I have known about mbuzzy for years. The reason why I found this posting is because I try to login to create a ringtone today and the site appears to be disabled. I use to this site probably once or twice a year for the creation of ringtones. That is it I observed that the site constantly said this female or that female is available, however, I did not pay any mind to it as I simply wanted a ringtone or two and then got the hell out of Dodge. It’s very sad that this young lady was murdered by this fucking piece of shit. I can only hope that while in prison he’s made to be somebody’s bitch and his ass is getting worn out. any of you who take offense to my words can go fuck yourself. there’s a 16 year old who is now dead and not only is her life gone the lives of her family members are forever ruinec. I also hope he’s getting his ass beat regularly with a little prison justice. and again if you don’t like it you can go fuck yourself. Opposing opinions are not welcome.

  11. I used activity use this site about 9 yrs back when I first got into the social networking, keep in mind I was 31 at the time but I did enjoy the site but did see a lot of pof type men and women , ( plenty of fish) this is sad to see and all the more reason why as parents we have to enforce some limits with our kids on these websites, there are too many sexual predators out there to not be more mindful of what sites our kids visit. I have a son who is almost 20 now, but I can remember just making sure I was in his biz just enough to make sure he was ok, it’s a sad thing that happens on a daily basis to many young adolescents, I feel for this girls parents and I feel that websites like this need to up the age limit it shocked me to see that you could be 13 to join this site! I feel like mbuzzy needs to have some accountability for what happens on their site

  12. I came on here because I just got finished watching an show on ID about this girl. She lacked common sense and I honestly don’t know why she didnt use Facebook to hook up, that’s where most of my friends hook up and we’re in middle school.

    There are fake profiles everywhere and predators everywhere. I’m 11 and know that-I don’t understand why she didn’t at 16. I’m confused.

    If you’re having sex be honest with your parents about it it’s not a big deal. Everybody fucks. Just be smart about it, wise, and honest to your loved ones.

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