AZ trio caught trying to screw the pooch

Robert Aucker, Sarah Walker, and Shane Walker
Robert Aucker, Sarah Walker, and Shane Walker

MCSO: 3 arrested for planning to commit acts of bestiality:

In Maricopa County, Arizona three people have been charged with allegedly trying to use craigslist in order to commit bestiality.

The Sheriff’s Office says that 38-year-old Shane Walker, his 33-year-old wife Sarah Dae Walker and their 29-year-old friend, Robert A. Aucker, were searching craigslist for someone with a dog that was willing to let them have sex with it. Specifically, Mrs. Walker was going to have sex with the dog while the other two watched. Ick. Instead of finding a willing dog owner they were met by undercover officers from the Sheriff’s Office. For some reason, this has been a hot button issue with the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new. I first brought you this craigslist phenomenon back in 2010. Also, unfortunately, this is not the first of these kinds of arrests in Maricopa County.

Again this is what happens when you have a classifieds site with unmoderated personal sections not to mention the notorious casual encounters section, dogs get raped.

UPDATE 7/1/2012: The Walker’s have both pleaded guilty.

UPDATE 8/11/2012: The Walkers have been ‘sentenced’ to probation and are banned from owning dogs. Again there should be stiffer penalties for all forms of sexual predators.

6 thoughts on “AZ trio caught trying to screw the pooch”

      1. So… people who are accused of sexual perversion are posting pictures (with current ages listed) of their 3 daughters… I wonder how many pedophiles have contacted them to make offers.  

        I have to fight the urge to shake my finger at regular folk who post pics of their kids on facebook (especially if their profile is set to “open” for all to see)… but to be accused of perverse sexual acts, and to post pics of your children online… that is just beyond stupid.


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