Justin Adams’ mommy doesn’t know when to shut up

Justin Adams

Justin Adams

Mother-in-law claims innocence in Adams murder:

25-year-old Justin Adams is charged with the brutal stabbing murder of his wife, Jaymie Adams, and their unborn child. His mother, Tina Clark, has been his most vocal defender.

Ms. Clark recently took to the media to talk about the latest search of her home…

“Violated, that’s actually how I feel.”

“I’m not eating, I’m not sleeping; everything that my parents have worked for is on the line. They wouldn’t have put up a dime if they thought Justin was guilty in any way.”

“We’re having this tax problem; we want to have taxes cut. I see a lot of tax dollars being wasted today, a whole lot.”

Do you know who else isn’t sleeping or eating or doing anything for that matter? Jaymie Adams and her unborn child. They can’t do anything of those things because they’re dead. Can we have just a little perspective in this matter? Not to mention I think you and your son have more pressing issues besides tax problems.

Yeah, this will sway public opinion to your side.

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  1. Sirkissa

    What a cold hearted bitch.


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