David Sparre admits that he enjoyed killing Tiara Pool in jailhouse letter

David Sparre
David Sparre

Jacksonville Craigslist killer: ‘I enjoyed it and I hope to do it again’:

Recently the Florida Times Union of Jacksonville, Florida obtained a jailhouse letter written by David Sparre. As you may know Sparre was convicted in the brutal stabbing murder of 21-year-old Tiara Pool. Sparre met Pool through a personal ad on craigslist. Now it turns out that Ms. Pool was just a victim of convenience.

In the letter that Sparre sent to his ex-girlfriend he claims that he planned the murder at least a week in advance. He also bragged about how he thought he was smarter than the police and thought he could outsmart them because he was good with cleaning up crime scenes. He also claims he had the perfect alibi in taking his grandmother to the hospital.

What shocked even me was how callously he talks about murders and not just the murder of Tiara Pool. Sparre claims that he had shot and killed someone else prior to Tiara’s murder but said he wanted to experience stabbing someone. He then goes into detail about how he killed her and not only how much he enjoyed it but how he had hoped to do it again.

What does explain some things is that in the letter Sparre claims to me a member of the infamous Crips gang. He said his first alleged murder was his initiation into the gang. Towards the end of his letter he also talks about his Crip brothers. Whether he has an actual gang affiliation or is just a gangsta wanna be remains to be seen however either scenario would explain why someone facing the death penalty would get the teardrop tattoos and the idiotic shaved eyebrows before his trial. ‘

Also in one of my previous posts about Sparre several of his family members claimed the he was framed and tried blaming the victim since she was a married mother of one. I’d love to hear what they have to say now about their family member since he said that “After she quit fighting, I tilted her head back and sliced her throat. I’m not even going to lie. I enjoyed it and I hope to do it again.”

The letter itself can be read courtesy of the Florida Times Union.

Craiglist killer letter

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  1. Maybe if she wasn’t such a whore this wouldn’t have happened. Congrats, Mr Pool! You got a “Get Out Of Jail” free pass on this slut! Keep that pension, haha. Karma is a BITCH! Don’t give her a big funeral either, have her cremated and dump her ashes in some horse shit.

    1. For real? You must be kin to him.. he looks like a wussy and I hope that while he’s in prison REAL gang members show him what being in a gang really is. Karma the bitch will come back and bite you on your big butt and I hope I hear about it. You’re a POS

    2. Maybe if the government didn’t set military marriages up to fail by deploying spouses entirely to frequently or maybe had the son of a bitches mother strangled him at birth she’d still be here! Obviously you didn’t know her &amp clearly your cruel dumbass must be related to that monster. Must be something in yalls DNA! Your a bitch and karma will catch up with you 10 fold! Maybe your not aware of the concept of time or maybe you cant count but that evil creature you call family took her life nearly 4 years ago, you posted this a year ago… uhm, hello!

  2. I don’t believe the death penalty is quite painful enough. That monster deserves to suffer. To die a slow, horrible death! Though prison seems to be taking it’s tole on him. He sure is looking rough in his latest photo to make the web compared to the earlier photos. State may not have to kill him, the other inmates may very well see it done.

  3. Sad that his relatives are still trying to justify the death of an innocent woman…I guess logic and facts have no place in the minds of the Sparre clan.

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