Convicted backpage child pimp says victims were accomplices

Marcus Manning
Marcus Manning

Judge doesn’t buy that teen girls were willing sex workers, pimp gets serious prison time:

25-year-old Marcus Manning was sentenced to 15 to 40 years in a Grand Rapids, Michigan court recently. He was convicted of pimping out two underage girls on the Village Voice Media-owned What really got my goat bout Manning is what he said about his victims in court.

First off he couldn’t get their ages straight. According to the judge, the girls were 17 and 15. Manning said that the girls were 16 and 18 and that the older one was his girlfriend. This is S.O.P. for pimps. They tell at least one of their victims that she’s his girlfriend while selling her for sex.

Manning’s defense attorney said that “They were not victims, they were accomplices.” Never mind the fact that Manning took the 17-year-old girl and her friend from Florida by saying he wanted his ‘girlfriend’ to meet his family. Apparently, his family is a bunch of twisted pervs willing to pay money for sex with underage girls.

This is nothing new. As M told me most pimps, just like Village Voice Media says, think they have a Constitutional right to sell these girls like slaves. Again these pimps must have not read the 13th Amendment.

Marcus Manning is just one of the multitudes of human traffickers out there collecting money for the repeated rapes of underage girls.

Yet more people are willing to share a video of some powerless African warlord rather than spreading the message about our country’s children being sold as sex slaves on a website owned by a newspaper company.

3 thoughts on “Convicted backpage child pimp says victims were accomplices”

  1. I love how the big issue right now with the republicans is targeting contraceptives and abortion rights, while you never hear word one about this crap: Child sex slavery, pedophelia,  domestic violence — I really don’t think it is because they give a damn about a fetus, but are solely concerned with seeing women and children kept down. 


    1. While I appreciate your comment please don’t bring partisan politics into this debate. This shouldn’t be a political issue but a basic human rights issue. 

      The majority of Attorneys General in the US have called on backpage to change their ways and both Democrats and Republicans were well represented. 

      Conversely there are many politicians and people in general on both sides of the aisle who are either ignorant or apathetic to the plight of the victims of human trafficking. 


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