We get letters: I am ignorant and closed-minded

Damien Echols (Only people who support me are open minded.)

Damien Echols (Only people who support me are open minded.)

Many years ago when I first started blogging I used to get mail from what I call mutants. They’re the people who either idolize or sympathize with school shooters. Don’t believe me? Fell free to check the early days of the mail archives.

More recently the mutants have given way to the supporters of the West Memphis 3. I actually have a micron of respect more for the mutants because they at least know that the criminals they support committed their crime whereas the West Memphis 3 supporters were tricked into it.

I got the following e-mail from just such a supporter by the name of Christine…

Please tell me how it is that there is no actual evidence against any of the three boys (at the time)? Tell me how three teenage boys are able to get rid of ALL EVIDENCE when not even a experienced serial killers can do this??? You must be a really educated person to throw all your opinions around given you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to back it up!! Congratulations on being ignorant and closed-minded.

P.S. There are plenty of PHD’s who testified on behalf of the WM3.Don’t run your mouth unless you know what your talking about, this prevents you from sounding stupid.

I’ve been over why I think they’re guilty before. What I really want to touch on is the ignorant and closed-minded part. This is typical of the black nail polished masses. They don’t get just how ironic it is to accuse someone who has an opposing viewpoint of being closed-minded. As I’ve said many times before the WM3 supporters are just as zealot, ignorant and closed-minded as they accuse the detractors of being them. They even have a name for them, they call us ‘nons’ as in non-believers. Considering that the WM3 supporters will tell you that they were set up by a fundamentalist Christian community you should see how ironic that is.

I don’t think the murders were satanic or had anything to do with the occult but I can tell you a cult has surely grown out of them.

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  1. Malevolent April

    I’ve been called worse.

  2. Your_Pal_Nancy

    Calling someone closed minded is the lamest argument ever. I had a SIL once who thought everyone was closed minded because they weren’t straight edge hardcore anti-theist vegans.

  3. Lisaa Reed61

    I cringed when I read the title. Not sure if you intentionally meant to misspell ignorant!? Anyway, I agree with the whole irony of calling someone close-minded when you are not being one of the “sheeple.”

    1. Trench Reynolds


  4. Eccentric_Lady

    “I don’t think the murders were satanic or had anything to do with the
    occult but I can tell you a cult has surely grown out of them.”

    Exceptionally well put, Trench. I agree!

  5. Guardian

    Trench you are 100 per cent right. Supporters are idiots, I remember years back when Kathy Bakken was asking people to give up their lunch money, to help the 3 child murderers. When all along Lorri was getting money from all those stupid celebs who gave millions. Have you seen his twitter account, what a freak, now hes a tatoo artist give me a break, and he wants to open an occult store and do Tarrot readings in the back. Someone should get this guy help now, because he will kill again hes just building up to it. When his book flops and it will, because he can’t write for shit he will become depressed and psychotic. And Lorri might be his first target.

    If you want a few giggles read Byers book Untying the Knot, it shoud be called Byers fairy tales.

    1. Christine Chrissy Fougere

      Couldn’t agree more, When he kills Lorri, what will all his celebrity friends have to say? OOOOOPs

    2. Trench, you moron

      When do you think he’ll do that though? lololololol

  6. Heather

    If you don’t believe the murders were satanic what do you think the motive was?

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Thrill kill. A crime of opportunity for Echols to show the world how much of a badass he thought he was.

  7. Christine Chrissy Fougere

    Satanic murders? Get real, there’s never been a satanic murder. Satanists if there is such a thing and I’ve only seen them in movies, would have performed a ceremony, marking the children with their stupid pentagrams and those other occult symbols.


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