Tacoma woman let Backpage teens turn tricks in her house


Bail $50K for Tacoma woman who allegedly let girls be prostitutes:

28-year-old Jacqueline Nicole Carr of Tacoma, Washington was recently arrested for allowing two 15-year-old girls to turn tricks in her house. Police noticed that the girls were being advertised on the Village Voice Media-owned backpage.com. When an undercover officer came to the house he walked past Carr and her two kids on the way to the girls’ room. Carr would allegedly take some of the payments the girls received for the use of the room. She is being held on $50K bail.

Now while she may not have been forcing these girls to work since she was taking money from them that does technically make her a pimp doesn’t it?

Now, this brings up an interesting question. How did the ad make it to Backpage in the first place? Did Carr place it for them, did the girls place it themselves or was there a third-party involved. If the girls did place the ad themselves that would show that the precautions that Backpage allegedly use to keep children from being trafficked on their site are nothing more than a sham.

2 thoughts on “Tacoma woman let Backpage teens turn tricks in her house”

  1. I read the founders of backpage feel no remorse or resonsibility for the deaths of these 4 young women but my bet is that they are running a snuff film operation.
    The say the members of the community killed these young women but these young women have mothers who are members of the community too,


  2. Go after real criminals. If the police were more focused on the childmolesters
    And not trying to do something easy, then I’d feel a lot better about justice. Since pedaphiles get less time than most get for an average crime things need to change. Oh, let’s rehabilitate them , what for to do it again. Bottom line is our police are out of control shooting people, and were going to worry about one of the oldest professions in the book.


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