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Justin Adams

Justin Adams

Warrants Reveal More On Murder Of Pregnant Blanchard Mom:

Justin Adams’ mommy, Tina Clark, is back in the news again. As you may know Justin Adams has been accused in the brutal stabbing murder of his wife, Jaymie Adams, and their unborn child. Clark, or Clarke as I’ve also seen it spelled, has been very vocal in the media about her son’s ‘innocence’. The problem is when she opens her mouth she makes her and her son look more guilty.

The article I linked to deals with the seizure of her cell phone however I want to discuss something else from the article. I’ve mentioned Clark’s ex-boyfriend before. The last time I mentioned him he was said to have given conflicting testimony from Clark’s concerning where her son was on the night of the murder. Now in search warrants just released he claims that Clark tried to get him to recant some of his statements to police. Of course Clark had no problems with talking to the media about this…

“He lied about that. As far as telling him to change it, I never once. I did tell him to tell the truth and only what he knew, not what he hears because that’s hearsay and not what he thinks, only what he knows.”

“I’m innocent. I’m very innocent. I’m guilty of looking for my daughter-in-law, but I had nothing to do with her going and disappearance or her murder.

She is so going to jail. Whether it’s for being an accessory to murder or just obstruction of justice remains to be seen.

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