Was Justin Adams’ mommy a prostitute or an amateur investigator?

Tina Clarke
Tina Clarke

Search Warrant Reveals New Allegations Against Jaymie Adams’ Mother-In-Law:

There has been some debate on whether or not Jaymie Adams was a prostitute. Her husband and alleged killer, Justin Adams, told police that his wife was a craigslist prostitute and that the couple were also swingers on craigslist. Now information has been made public that Justin Adams’ mother, the ever vocal Tina Clarke, was a craigslist prostitute.

According to the search warrants investigators found text messages sent to Clarke offering money for sex and craigslist was mentioned in these texts. Police also found explicit photos of Clarke. Clarke claims that the pictures were for her boyfriend’s eyes only and as far as the craigslist postings she says that she had a much more altruistic reason for them…

“When I went on there posing as a prostitute, I did it for a month and a half trying to get someone to say okay, I will give you money and we will meet with in a 10 mile radius of where Jaymie was found. Then I am looking at someone of interest,” Clarke said.

There was a famous case some years ago where after the police did all they could a girl’s mother went underground looking for her daughter’s killer. She went as far as to assume a new identity and pose as various types of criminals in order to move among the criminal element. She eventually brought her daughter’s killer to justice. I honestly don’t think that is nearly the case here. Not only did it take the woman years to find her daughter’s killer but honestly I don’t think Tina Clarke is smart enough to pull off that kind of subterfuge. Obviously she’s not smart enough to know when to keep her trap shut. It seems like she keeps digging a deeper hole for her and her son.

How is this germane to the investigation you may ask? Well, if you’ve ever read my blog before you’d know that sometimes prostitution can be a family affair. How do we know that Jaymie Adams wasn’t being turned out by her husband and mother-in-law? A lot of times prostitutes are killed when they try to leave their pimps.

Then again Clarke’s outlandish claims may have merit. I mean who would be willing to pay for that?

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  1. This just made me laugh, wince, laugh, feel bad for Jaymie and her kids, then laugh again….Tina Clarke you batty old broad, keep talking, you’re doing awesome.

  2. Oh my goodness… only one thing came to mind as far as her excuse for the craigslist crap. Her crazy ass was going to try and frame someone. Get them to pick the “spot” within 10 miles of where Jaymie was found, meet them so she can call 911 and say she was attacked…

  3. As some one who knew Jaymie and wonders if I am to close to this… Thanks for affirming my thoughts. Tina clarke is a trainwreck and the biggest evidence against her is her own mouth. This Aunt Patsy story is totally new. According to previous comments she was sleeping…. She stayed up all night right after justin was arrested commenting on a facebook page, that stuff was golden. She had several different stories in a matter of hours. It was well worth three lack if sleep to watch her contradict herself over and over.

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