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I'm ready for my close up Mr. Jackson.

I’m ready for my close up Mr. Jackson.

Like I said recently it seems the West Memphis 3 supporters have picked up the slack from the mutants in sending me hate mail. I received this missive from someone calling herself Keira with the subject line “ignorant motherfucker”…

I have only seen the first documentary detailing the West Memphis child murders. That’s all I needed to see. I started yelling at the screen, “there’s your real killer!” after seeing that boy-killing, genital-mutilating white trash fuckhole Hobbs pop up on the screen YET AGAIN. Not surpised at all when Terry “Pig Pussy” Hobb’s DNA started popping up all over the crime scene,just like his fugly mug did all those years ago in the original doc. He’s the killer, you fucking fool. And you’re “glad to be of assistance” to a twisted, pedophiliac child murderer. Good on ya, turd. Please allow me to flush the both of ya straight down the shitter.

Someone call PT Barnum, another sucker has been born.

First off I bet dollars to donuts (mmmm…donuts) she’s thinking of Mark Byers and not Terry Hobbs. Secondly the ‘DNA evidence’ was a strand of hair and not DNA all over the crime scene as she puts it. And lastly nice mouth, only the truly ignorant use expletives in their arguments to make up for a lack of intelligence.

17 thoughts on “We get letters: Ignorant MFer

  1. Cathy Hirsch says:

    That would not surprise me, there is a contingent of complete nutters with aliases who stalk non supporters who are really dumb and who cannot argue the facts so they stalk non supporters and then set up attacks pages or email    non supporters with threats and hate mail, just shows how threatened they are with the fact that their heros may not as innocent as they have professed to be………………..


  2. Your_Pal_Nancy says:

    The last time you said you were “glad to be of assistance” you were talking to me about my phone. Should I be offended over here?


  3. Your_Pal_Nancy says:

    Yelling at the screen…that’s always effective when making a real impact. I bet she did her part by hashtagging kony2012.


    1. I bet there is a lot of crossover between the Kony 2012 supporters and the WM3 supporters. A lot of people who will believe anything they see. 


  4. Jadecrowe says:

    probably some 15 year old mutant who needs her mouth washed out.  i’m sure there are soaps out there today that taste much worse than ivory or dial.


  5. Furandfeathersmommy says:

    Wow. Your very last sentence, Trench, was all I was thinking while I was reading her words. “Good on ya, turd.” I couldn’t help but laugh at that sentence, I’m not even sure what that means in there! I’ve been saying it to my boyfriend all night though… “Babe, I made you some pizza” “Good on ya, turd.”


    1. I’m sure he loves that. lol


    2. shannie says:

       I’m so fucking jealous I didn’t think of a phrase like that…I think “good on ya, turd” is gonna go places.


      1. Your_Pal_Nancy says:

        Omg that actually made me laugh out loud. “Good on ya, turd”. Let’s make this phrase happen.


        1. shannie says:

           It’s too good not to. ..


  6. KBRIT09 says:

    I am not here to debate whether the WM3 are guilty or innocent. I can have my opinion, but that means nothing because I wasn’t there. I do not know any of the people connected to this case, so to constantly judge their every move, or to paint myself as some all knowing being who can decipher if someone’s soul is black or white would be shameful. What I do feel a lot of times while reading the “nons” and “supporters” is a great deal of sadness. People seem to have ignored that irregardless of what we think they have done or not done, their rights were violated. The trial that convicted them was a trial that took away constitutional rights. The prosecution, judge, and jury hiding behind the “corrupt by good intentions” boulder is pathetic. Corrupt is corrupt no matter what it is you think you are fighting for or who you are fighting for. Doing it dirty, being dishonest, and ignoring another person’s rights will usually come back to bite you in the end. If the prosecution was so absolutely sure these three boys killed those three babies, they should have taken the proper steps and built a  strong case surrounded by platforms of honor, truthfulness, and the mind set that everyone is supposed to be not guilty until charged and only AFTER a fair trial has been done. The law states that if it can be proven that one’s constitutional rights have been violated during a trial that convicts them they have a right to either have the charges dropped or gain a new trial. As far as I am concerned they were able to prove that and rightfully asked for a new trial. The prosecutor decided he did not want to take that route for whatever reason’s so the next step was throwing away all charges or coming up with a deal. People who are angry at the outcome should be angry at the way this case was fought. The investigative team and prosecution at that time did not run a tight ship, and knowing the law like I would assume they would have to know it being in their positions, they still took huge risks and gambled with the future outcome of this case. We are nothing without our principles or good morals…..nothing. The law is nothing if we chose to ignore it or manipulate to fit our needs when necessary. There was not enough evidence to convict them. There was more than enough reasonable doubt and the jury convicted the two by evidence that had been deemed fruit from the poisonous tree by the judge who was following the letter of the law. This case should have been thrown out all together. I first heard about this case back in 95′  while in high school and decided to do a paper on it for my sociology and american government classes. I did not choose it as a subject because of it’s examples of “what all is right ” either. I will pray as much as I can for those babies. My heart shatters when I think of what was done to them. I cannot imagine the pain their true loved ones felt. I am a mother and this case is my worst nightmare. I am sure it is a lot easier for me to say that I would have demanded fairness for these boys if I thought they did that to my babies because it has not happened to my babies. Reading about some of the parents who felt they never heard convincing evidence that these kids did it and the fact that they had doubts troubles me. Terry and Pam Hobbs made several comments on it. Accusing people of wanting to make money off of their children’s deaths just because you don’t understand their actions is sickening. To the people who have done that I want to know what gives you the authority to do that? I have never come across a recipe on how one is supposed to act when their children have been brutally murdered. I have also never seen one for teenagers facing life in jail or loosing their life. I would love a definite answer to what happened to those kids, but that may never come. I put most of that blame on the wmpd, prosecution, jury, and judge. THEY failed those little boys that they felt they were seeking such swift justice for. The Alford Plea was their penance. Okay, I am done with my rant now. Thanks to those who took the time to read it.


    1. Uh, all the way to the Supreme court who found no rights had been violated? Seems you know better though.


    2. sweetd says:

      Irregardless=not a word


  7. Mcmosinee says:

    I’m not sure where i stand on any of this mess! I just saw the HoBO documentary and just like with any of these high profile cases i think to myself Man I’m glad I’m not judge jury or executioner. I only believe some of what i see and none of what i hear in the media, but I’m glad that I’ve been doing my own research in this matter! Will we ever know what really happened or who did what to any reasonable degree? I for one think not. Just like so many of the old guys sitting on the corner of the Motts 5 and Dime store when i was a young punk kid i pray for these kids who think they know everything. But in the same respect i envy their naivety. After watching the documentary i was left with one question that sticks in my craw, why did the state of Arkansas let them go? If they were so certain of a repeat performance why let a convicted murderer go. Isn’t in their best interest to retry him and get another guilty verdict? I understand that the defense attorneys used my same question as a reason why they didn’t and i also understand the not wanting to spend the taxpayers money on another trial ,but when has that ever stopped them before??? Thank you Mr Trench Reynolds. Your opinions are just as valid and needed as the opisision. And yes i know this is really just one long paragraph and i probably type like a one fingered 3rd grader!!!! Good on ya, turd… How many ways can that be taken… I’m not sure if theres enough space on this site!!! Thats funny no matter who or how old you are!!!!


  8. I love the captions under the photos, I’ve been laughing my backside off at them.


  9. Wow she saw one part of PL and deems these boys innocent. What powers she has eh? PL was the worst mockumentary I’ve seen yet. The producer decided within five minutes of speaking to Damien he was innocent? LOL


  10. just a mom says:

    mmmmmmm donuts mmm mmmmm

    I believe Misskelley told the truth and I also believe there’s much more to the crimes than he experienced – or could recall. I believe that it is possible others witnessed – or participated in – the crime and Misskelley could have been unaware of their presence, drunk as he was. Just because he only accompanied Damien and Jason into the woods does not mean they were the only ones there – even if Misskelley never saw or heard them.

    I believe that after Misskelley left the scene, Domini helped clean up the crime scene and that’s why she was seen walking with Damien late that night, covered in mud. I believe L. G. Hollingsworth was at the laundromat and I believe he disposed of the missing body parts in the “stinky box”. I also believe that the Hutchseon boy (school friend of the victims) was truthful. He mentioned that “we had watched the men before” – they had observed older males in the woods before.

    It is also possible that the information of the crimes starting out to be a “hit on the Byers family” is true too. It is entirely possible that Hobbs, Jacoby, L. G. and Buddy were also in the woods at the same time, getting drunk, high, etc. etc, and Byers certainly could have been in the woods, and is there fore possible that all eight men are involved. Is it just a crazy coincidence that none of these people have proper ailibis ?

    Couldn’t it be possible that after beating his son, Byers too was involved. Remember, this is a community in which everybody knows everybody, and everybody was getting drugs from Byers and others like the stock car guy who related the Buddy Lucas story. I think they are all connected.

    I think it’s pretty clear to anyone on any side that if Damien or Jason were to give any information at all – that any family still living would be in grave danger. No one can speak out because there are too many perceived risks involved. Again, the feelings of loyalty to family and/or friends and the fear of retaliation make it impossible for the story to be openly told.

    I recently read a scientific forensic astrologist’s report (yes a real thing) on these crimes. All the signs pointed to an older male orchestrating the plan to commit the crime. Signs pointed to the motivation having to do with the older male feeling that the boys had offended a young female, possibly his daughter, in some way. This does not rule out the WM3 as the killers. It means that there was a plan possibly in place for the boys to encounter the young men or to be given to the young men.


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