Man with many names indicted for Backpage child trafficking


Police rescue missing 15-year-old girl from alleged pimp at motel:

Melvin Douglas/Melvin Longwood of Washington D.C. indicted for transporting minor to Md. for prostitution:

Police in Baltimore Maryland rescued a 15-year-old girl who was being prostituted on the Village Voice Media owned Police received a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and their first place to think to look was backpage of course.

Arrested and indicted for trafficking the teen was 31-year-old Melvin Douglas, aka Melvin Longwood, of Washington D.C. Douglas/Longwood is also accused of transporting the girl across state lines for the purpose of prostitution so he’s looking at federal time. That would be 10 years to life but as I’ve said before if history is any indicator it will be closer to ten than to life.

Meanwhile, Backpage keeps saying that if they shut down their adult section it will be harder to find these girls. That’s true to a point. It will be harder to find them because there will be fewer of them being trafficked. Backpage allows a national marketplace for pimps and traffickers. One less outlet that size will mean they’ll have fewer and fewer opportunities to traffic these girls and women. Also what backpage forgets to mention is that the revenue they make from the ads is propping up their dying print media business.

One thought on “Man with many names indicted for Backpage child trafficking”

  1. Agree with the OP, this is just Craigslist’s problems going from one place to another. The best way to deal with this way is stop enabling these scumbags, a good strategy would be to first discontinue the entire escort services section. Johns and pimps take advantage of the convenience of using the internet to pick up a hooker, while BP puts on a smile and says there’s nothing going on.

    As usual, our offender will be sentenced to 10 years and be out in 5 or less with a suspended sentence and back on the streets in no time. What a crock.


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