We get letters: Get a life old man pedophile


I received the following e-mail from a mutant who was arrested and convicted of plotting to shoot up his school some years ago. Normally I would have no problem posting which mutant it came from but I have redacted his name because it seems to me that he is seeking attention.

Hello Trench, you had mentioned my case a long with my name a few years ago on your web site. I tried to shoot up (school) in (place), and I had friends keeping track of these web sites for me. I was released in 2009, and why it has taken me this long to respond to you I am not sure.. But anyways, I don’t think your any better then the teenagers you frequent on your web site. You’re in your 40’s, calling people mutants.. Sick people at that.. And what I don’t understand is your constant usage of school shootings to promote your boring web site. I guess I would just like to understand that. Some of the so called “mutants” that you post here on your mutated old man web site, are very lost and sick, and cannot find the outlets that are appropriate. I’d like to call you a mutant. You sit and rant on about lost hopeless teenagers with their mostly theoretical school plots.. What kind of life is that? Stop being so harsh. These are kids. Get a life old man.

That was followed up by this Facebook message…

Eww.. Just as I thought.. You are an old nasty man. Probably a pedophile too.. Sent an email to you via your web site regarding my case a few years ago. Check it out.

First off it’s too bad you’re out because it sounds like your ‘incarceration’ had no effect on you whatsoever.

Secondly you’re right. These kids are sick. Not sick in a way that they can be treated but sick in the serial killer way. And don’t give me that crap that these kids have no outlets or resources. Kids today have infinitely more resources and outlets then when I was that age. Which brings me to my next point. When I was in school I was one of these kids. I was an outcast and bullied violently which included concussions, broken bones and a separated shoulder. But where I differ from those kids is that I didn’t obsess over mass murderers and plot to shoot up my school. Things are black and white in my world where no matter how bad things get you don’t turn to killing as a solution. And that’s what’s wrong with a lot of this generation’s kids. They have no moral compass and are so spoiled they think everything is about them. A bunch of selfish emotional marshmallows who resort to cowardly acts of violence instead of using their heads to solve their problems or overcome their shortcomings. As far as school shooting plots being theoretical they are only theoretical until they become school shootings. Luckily the law compensates for that. Don’t want to go to jail? Then don’t plan mass murder.

Lastly, you’re not the first person to call me a pedophile and I doubt you’ll be the last. I won’t say that this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black but it’s usually the pedophiles I post about that call me that. Just sayin’.

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  1. Malevolent April

    I love asstards.  They make life worth living.

    1. Trench Reynolds

      They make it more interesting at least. 

  2. Your_Pal_Nancy

    “I’d like to call you a mutant” lol, admit it, Trench, this guys stinging wit made you cry.

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Yes, I wept in a corner while clutching my spotless criminal record. 

  3. Clevo

    Given his unsavory commentary, labrinthine thought process, blaming and name calling  and victim attitude I’d say this dude is a hapless, self absorbed, self pitying cretin. If he believes he’d like to shoot someone I suggest self termination as the answer to his obvious problems and our fond wishes.

  4. sarah crosbie

    why do these clowns always hassle the ones who write the truth about them, if you give up writing, its not going to change the fact these idiots are still in act idiots. havent we all had a difficult part of life at some point? it doesnt make us want to become killers, and im sure we all read about serial killers, not because we want to be like them but because its interesting to read, i dont read about certain killers and think oh hang on they killed 73 people im gonna go for 74. its just a poor excuse that idiots use after they have been caught. perhaps if they read up on serial killers more they would learn not to make the same mistakes that got them caught. clowns. keep up the good work trench, i read all about you onling all the way from glasgow, scotland

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it. I love finding out I have readers from overseas. 

  5. Angel

    Trench, just exactly WHEN did you start frequenting teenagers? And on your website at that?!? Good Lord, man – at least do the popular thing and get a backpage ad if you want to frequent teenagers. LOL.  Letters from mental midgets amuse me.  


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