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David Sparre

Craigslist killer sentenced to death for Jacksonville slaying:

Today a judge in Jacksonville, Florida sentenced 20-year-old David Sparre to death for the brutal stabbing murder of Tiara Pool. Sparre met Ms. Pool through a craigslist personal ad and stabbed her roughly 90 times when they went back to her place.

In a letter to his ex-girlfriend, Sparre detailed that it was his intent all along to kill someone. Ms. Pool was just his unfortunate victim.

Previously in this very site family members of Sparre had defended him and tried blaming the victim for what happened. Not surprisingly I haven’t heard from them in a while.

Unfortunately with the way the system is his sentence won’t be carried out soon enough.

3 thoughts on “David Sparre sentenced to death

  1. DEATH says:

    Die you prick!


  2. loving death penalty says:

    please tell me who his sister is….I am concerned she might be involved with someone I know….thanks


    1. NissaAltman says:

      This is David’s sister…and who might you be and who exactly are you concerned for? I sincerely hope that my ex husband aka “x brother in law” is not implying that murder is genetic. Considering he has been convicted of domestic violence multiple times and refuses to pay child support, I’m sure he is a completely credible person and is well versed in human biology.


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