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Forney, Cook, Puccio, Wright, Forney

5 arrested in slaying identify with ‘gang’:

Ohio landlord found dismembered body in bathtub:

In Urbana, Ohio five Juggalos have been arrested for the murder of 21-year-old Jessica Rae Sacco. Those arrested were Matthew Puccio, 25, Christopher Wright, 37, Sharon Cook, 25, Kandis Forney, 25, and Andrew Forney, 26.

Puccio was Ms. Sacco’s on-again-off-again boyfriend. At one point Sacco moved in with her then his freeloading Juggalo friends soon followed. Ms. Sacco was described as being outside the Juggalo circle.

Police believe that Puccio killed her by suffocating her. He also stabbed her in the abdomen but that wound was not fatal. They believe he did this while the others looked on.

His defense, if you can call it that, is said to be that he believed she was going to kill him before he killed her. That’s right kids, he’s claiming self-defense. Except that a self-defense killing usually isn’t done in the presence of onlookers. And did I mention that Ms. Sacco was dismembered and some of her remains were found in Kentucky? Yeah, that’s so not self-defense. This was nothing more than a thrill kill in my opinion.

Now once again one of the articles I linked to call the Juggalos a gang. I hate to break it to everyone but Juggalos aren’t motivated enough to form a gang but like I keep saying if the fans of ICP keep committing crimes like this my words will fall on deaf ears.

Also once again I have to address the theory did the music make them do this. I say no. The violent lyrics of ICP don’t influence people to kill. I believe that those Juggalos who do commit violent crimes already had the propensity to commit these atrocious acts long before they ever heard of ICP. But I will say that there are an inordinate amount of Juggalos who do commit violent crimes as compared to fans of other bands.

As I was getting ready to finish up this post I just noticed that one of the suspects is 37-years-old. If you’re 37 and still calling yourself a Juggalo you have not only failed at life but you have failed the universe and civilization as we know it.

UPDATE 4/12/2012: Puccio has now allegedly claimed that Ms. Sacco begged him to kill her.

“She was pleading with me to slash her throat and slash her wrist…do something. And I told her… No.. I can’t do that to you and she told me to stab her then. So I just held my hand above her stomach. She grabbed my wrist and pulled it into her stomach.”

Puccio also claims her last words were, “I still love you and I forgive you.”

Right. And four other people just standing around decided that was ok and that dismembering her body was also a proper response.

A friend of the victim claims that the possible real; motive behind the slaying was that Sacco had asked Puccio to move out. That makes a lot more sense than anything these brain-dead losers can come up with.

21 thoughts on “A gathering of Juggalos accused in grisly Ohio murder

  1. Furandfeathersmommy says:

    So I was looking some of these losers up and found this posted by the boyfriend on facebook…

    “So yall want to kill the clowns and pure the world of juggalos well im a juggalo and im not afraid of yall i live in urbana ohio on w light street ill be more than happy to show yall how a real juggalo fights” on Juggalo Holocaust-Kill The Clowns’s timeline.

    Mar 19

    Matthew Puccio

    Unreal… who do these people think they are??? Blows my mind.. sick sick people.


    1. skookus_supremus says:

      we’ll see how much “family” he has in big boy prison


  2. Furandfeathersmommy says:

    I also find it strange that the boyfriend, Puccio, JUST recently became friends with the other suspects (on facebook anyways)… how do psychos find each other?!?!


    1. Juggalos like to think of themselves as some kind of global family. 


  3. shannie says:

    Friggin’ Juggalos….what do you say about a bunch of mentally challenged trailer park delinquents who like to dress like Krusty the Clown and don’t know how magnets work? 


    1. Can you even break down how a magnet works? I don’t mean that it attracts iron and other metals with iron in it. I mean can you break it down to the atomic level? How each atom and each electron and proton works? I doubt you can…


      1. skookus_supremus says:

        nice try dropout


      2. IPFreely says:

        But the scientists who can, are somehow “lyin'” as described in this wonderful little ballad?


  4. Update posted above.


  5. jj says:

    I think the fumes from their clownmobiles have taken their stupidity to the level of Phil. She begged him? GTFOHWTBS! Fucking juggolosers.


  6. Morbyd121 says:

    First off not all juggalos are loser degenrate trailer trash. Im 31 and have been listening to icp for nearly 20 yrs. I am a contributing member of society, a father and a good person. I dont kill people, harass people or terrorize children. I live a normal life, go to work, pay my taxes and have an education. Juggalos have a bad rep because the only time you hear about them is on the news when one does something stupid. Grouping us all together is stereotyping us. The same as saying jews are greedy and african americans are lazy. I should not be seen as a lower form of person because of the music I enjoy. MCL


    1. A says:

      …But are you paying your child support on time?


    2. With all due respect are you really comparing Juggalos to the plight and persecutions of blacks and Jews? If so I’m beginning to doubt that whole contributing member of society thing. 


    3. The Truth Hurts says:

      You are part of a morally deficient dirtbag gang that prides itself in being a parasite on the body of society. Spin it however you’d like YOU’RE ALL THE SAME


  7. Morgan Allen says:

    I hate how morons like that make all juggalos/lettes look stupid! Just because you’re a juggalo does not mean you’re trailer park trash! Trailer park trash will be trailer park trash, do not label me so because of some fucking wack jobs!


    1. skookus_supremus says:

      it doesn’t take a criminal to make you look stupid


  8. jitty says:

    I quit reading after the second paragraph made no sense whatsoever.


  9. Rhae1995 says:

    they werent juggalos. she was, i was one of her homies. those douche bags were juggalo nazis(real thing) and what they do is they appear to be a juggalo, and when they get cool with us, they kill us. the music we listen to isnt about murdering people. its poking fun at it. its called [read between the lines]


  10. Juggalojames says:

    Hey trench, I think what he was talking about was stereotypes, not there plights. If you have ever been to a gathering you would see what were about. Ive met a brain surgeon there. I’m a boss where I work. We just love the family atmosphere. Cuz thats what we consider each other, family.


  11. Anthony13 says:

    Which ones are the females? I can’t tell the difference.


  12. Joslyn says:

    What is up with all the ‘Trailer Trash’ talk? Do you honestly think because people live in trailers they are trash? How dare you stereotype, criticize and judge!! There are adults and little children out there thinking less of themselves because of you! Do you call black people Nigger and Mexican people Spics! No you don’t because your scared of being called a racist!! Well you are racist. This Juggalo issue is a totally different story. Although I read the horrible comments you made to the Juggalos who told you all that they aren’t violent and are enjoying their lives as contributing members of society. The first absolutely uncalled for response was “Do you pay child support”? Do you? I personally think society as a whole is a hate filled hell hole. It’s filled with egotistical, self righteous racist who sadly represent America? No I don’t choose to be like ‘society’. It’s not your place to judge. Stop hurting other people with your words. Try saying something kind and try praying on it before you give an opinion.


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