Florida teacher admits to trolling for boys on craigslist

Joshua Michael Johnson
Joshua Michael Johnson

7th-grade teacher pleads guilty to child sex charges:

Recently 40-year-old Joshua Michael Johnson of Nassau County, Florida pleaded guilty to soliciting a child for sex through craigslist. Johnson is a former 7th-grade teacher. The 14-year-old boy turned out to be an undercover investigator.

Unfortunately, the terms of his plea deal recommend only a 3-year prison term with seven years on the sex offender registry. A judge can change the sentence if they so choose but I doubt that will happen. That’s sick point #1.

Johnson was caught along with 16 other men in an internet sting that involved several law enforcement agencies. Many caught in the sting thought they were talking to a parent who was willing to let them rape their child. Sick point #2. As I’ve said before if these men are being caught there’s probably even more out there on craigslist selling their kids for sex who haven’t been caught. Think it doesn’t happen? Think again.

And of course, lastly, this shows how badly craigslist is still desperately in need of self-moderation instead of letting the pedophiles run the asylum with their ‘community policing’. It’s not really policing if they’re a bunch of sexual predators, is it?

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