Stuart Little charged with mutant threat against Texas high school

Stuart Alexander Baxter Little
Stuart Alexander Baxter Little

Pflugerville HS student arrested on felony terroristic threat charges:

Pflugerville ISD Student Arrested For Terroristic Threats:

17-year-old Stuart Alexander Baxter Little has been arrested for allegedly making threats against Pflugerville High School in Texas. Police say that Little used Facebook and e-mails to send threats of a school shooting to school staff and the Austin Police Department threatening a school shooting at the high school.

It also turns out that Stuart Little is a mutant. Not only was this school shooting supposed to take place on April 20th but he also supposedly used the oh so clever pseudonym of “Cire Sirrah”.

On the 20th of April police say that Little sent an e-mail to a TV station warning of the attack. That was when police were able to track him down and arrest him.

But it gets even better. His mom is begging authorities not to throw her autistic son in jail. I think I know where this is leading too. Probably it’s going to be claimed somewhere down the line that Little has Asperger’s and that will be used in his defense. However, as I’ve said before these kinds of defenses are not only medically inaccurate to insinuate that Asperger’s causes people to kill but it also spreads that kind of ignorance.

The kid is a mutant plain and simple and deserves to punished for his crimes.

5 thoughts on “Stuart Little charged with mutant threat against Texas high school”

  1. And your article is retarded as hell.
    I’ve read some articles from your blog and I can tell 99.9% is plain bullshit and 1% is just the word ‘mutant’.


      1. You are a dangerous little puke yourself. I assume that you have nothing to do all day as you sleep in your mothers basement and whine about her not cutting the edges off you PB&amp J sandwiches. You might want to do some fact checking before you spew more negativity. The local papers got it wrong and in turn you got it wrong. Stuart is a good kid, that got some bad breaks. He did act out badly, but if you had even made to high school, I think your the type do similar teenage nonsense. Grow up, get a job, get a life.


        1. “He did act out badly, but if you had even made to high school, I think your the type do similar teenage nonsense.” Such an ironic sentence. I think you’re the one who didn’t make it to high school, “A Dad.” x) Stop being retarded.


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