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Roshaun Nakia Porter

Roshaun Nakia Porter

Long Beach Man Accused of Running Sex Trafficking Ring:

Long Beach man indicted for allegedly luring women on Craigslist and forcing them into sex trafficking:

Long Beach man allegedly forced women into prostitution in OC:

36-year-old Roshaun “Kevin” Nakia Porter of Long Beach, California was recently indicted on charges of sex trafficking. He’s accused of allegedly forcing several women into prostitution in the Orange County area.

Investigators say that Porter would meet these women on craigslit and a site that bills itself as being the #1 site to find a sugar daddy. The women say they thought they were becoming Porter’s girlfriend. Instead he put them to work on the streets. Just like every other cowardly pimp he threatened them or their families with violence.

Then to complete the circle of slavery he advertised them on the Village Voice Media owned

He was eventually arrested by the Santa Ana police.

Surprisingly he’s looking at life in prison which is what all sex traffickers deserve.

This story points out two things. The first is don’t meet guys on craigslist. They’re probably scummy in one way or another. The second is backpage will say that this is a free speech issue and it’s their constitutional right to make money from the ads where these women are sold against their will.

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