Liz McDougall is a corporate sellout

Liz McDougall
Liz McDougall is an ally in the fight against human trafficking:

I’ve posted about Liz McDougall before. She’s the new legal mouthpiece for the human trafficking division of Village Voice Media, aka Recently she penned an editorial for the Seattle Times defending Backpage’s (ahem) reputation. I’m surprised it wasn’t exclusively in one of VVM’s fish wrappers but I digress.

It’s the usual B.S. we hear from Backpage about how they’re supposedly fighting the good fight against sex trafficking and child prostitution and how if they were to close down their adult section trafficking would just go ‘underground’.

What really got me about the piece is how passionate Ms. McDougall allegedly is about fighting human trafficking…

Weeks ago, I was a lawyer litigating high-profile Internet and cybercrime cases, and providing pro bono services to help victims of abuse, exploitation and civil-rights violations, including human trafficking. Today, I am still fighting cybercrime and human exploitation — but as general counsel for Village Voice Media Holdings, owner of

Why did I make this move?

Because human trafficking, especially sex trafficking of children, is a social atrocity. Because I have children. Because I want human trafficking to stop. Because I believe is a critical ally to make it stop.

I didn’t leave a successful law partnership to sit on my hands and verbally defend a company accused of making money on illegal activity. I chose to work with Village Voice Media because of its active engagement to fight human trafficking and the opportunity to help it and the online industry do more.

How can anybody in their right mind actually believe that Backpage and Village Voice Media are combating human trafficking while making millions of dollars a year from it? I would imagine that VVM must have waved a lot of money in front of her to compromise her supposed principles.

Wait a second. Someone who does something they don’t believe in for money? Doesn’t that make someone….dare I say it…a whore?

5 thoughts on “Liz McDougall is a corporate sellout”

  1. Same her on Anderson Cooper where she was condescending in the most oboxious way. One of those rude angry types who prefaces everytihg with “if you knew anything about…blah blah…” or …”anybody who knows anything about…” immediately insulting the other person whoever it is.

    She was strident and deluded, as you point out… Her subconscious fighting to drown out her conscience for taking the money over doing the right thing?


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