We get letters: Some of us want to be on Backpage.


I received the following e-mail from someone who is making a living on the Village Voice Media-owned backpage.com the way you think. She (I’m guessing) is taking me to task for my stance that VVM should shut down the adult section of Backpage.

You know what?”? There ARE some people out here like me who have ads on backpage in the adult section for a reason. Some of us out here are just trying to SURVIVE and keep a roof over our heads. And maybe I am the exception to the rule, but I do this not because I WANT to, I do it because I HAVE to. Otherwise my rent doesnt get paid or any of my other bills. I had to live on the gd street one time for 2 years and sleep on a picnic bench at night and I will be DAMNED if I go back to living on the street ever again. I tried looking for a phukking job for 4 YEARS and no one would hire my ass to save my life between my bad credit and a bad past you better forget that noise. I am close to 50 yrs old and I am just barely getting by. No one is making me do this, I am making myself do it because I know what its like to live on the street and I know what its like to have been married a long time ago to an abusive a——— and I had to get rid of that jerk too. Not all of us out here are underage or doing human trafficking crap or whatever else you want to call it. But I will say one thing, you take away the adult section on backpage.com and I will just go find another website to post my ads on. No one is going to take away what very little income I make and Im talking very little, i just barely make enough to pay my bills and buy everyday essential items. Im below poverty level and thats no joke. So before you go get high and mighty and think you are going to solve the problem, think about some of us out here like me who are just barely making it. If you think I am joking think again. Its like what do you want me to do? starve and live on the street like a bum again? phukk that..

I just have a few things to say about this. The first is some times the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. I am sorry that you have had to resort to this lifestyle to try to make ends meet however at some point you have to stop blaming others for your circumstances and start taking responsibility for yourself. If you are not under the control of a pimp then there is no excuse. There are programs to assist people like yourself to find a better life.

Is this life worth risking being controlled by a pimp or being raped by a john?

2 thoughts on “We get letters: Some of us want to be on Backpage.”

  1. Totally agree with you, Trench. While I do have some sympathy for a person who honestly believes that she can do nothing but sell herself to get by (I find that so sad), just because you have reasons for making the choices you do, doesn’t make it right.

    To the email writer: You really need to look into getting yourself professional help. I’m not being bitchy or nasty, but I know from experience how feelings of self-worth and poor decision making go hand in hand. I take from your letter that you are not happy with your situation, so why not start changing it? A good way to start is by finding someone to help you make sense of all the bullshit that is effecting your life.


  2. Or the risk of pimps selling women and children that dont want this lifestyle seriously this person would prob be the type to pimp out their own children with the way she thinks


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