Chardon gunman to be tried as an adult

T.J. Lane

T.J. Lane

T.J. Lane to be tried as adult in Chardon High School shootings:

This past Thursday Chardon High School gunman T.J. Lane was ordered to be tried as an adult for the school shooting murders of Demetrius Hewlin, Russell King Jr., and Daniel Parmertor. This means that if convicted the 17-year-old is looking at life behind bars without the possibility of parole. That was pretty much to be expected and I’m pleased as one could be in a situation like this that it happened. However I want to discuss a few other things that happened during the proceedings.

The first is the testimony of arresting officer Deputy Jon Bilicic.

Bilicic testified that he found Lane wearing a shirt with the word “Killer” on it. A gun and a knife were found nearby. He read Lane his rights and began speaking with him as he drove to the sheriff’s office.

The officer asked whether anyone had upset him or picked on him. Lane said neither of those was the case, either.

So when someone from the Kid Criminal Crowd tries to say that he shouldn’t be tried as an adult

And what would one of these hearings be without a criminal defense attorney making laughable claims…

DeVan argued that Lane should be released on a $500,000 bond, secured through the property of his family. He said Lane could begin to receive the treatment he needs and remain on house arrest and electronic monitoring.

Really? ‘Treatment’ and house arrest for a triple murderer? Does the defense want the court to fluff his pillows and bring him some lemonade too? The only treatment this loser needs is a bullet behind the ear. Since that’s not possible he can serve house arrest for the rest of his life in his new house of a 6’x 6′ prison cell.

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