From the mouth of Liz McDougall II

Liz McDougall
Liz McDougall

Officials pin sex busts on Backpage:

Basically, this is an article from the Boston Herald about how various officials in Massachusetts are appalled by how so many women and children are being trafficked on the Village Voice Media-owned Your usual banter from politicians however what I want to talk about is what Village Voice Media legal weasel Liz McDougall had to say about this.

“Backpage is working diligently to rid its site of human trafficking,” McDougall said. “Although Backpage is a for-profit business, it does not want to make a single penny off of this abhorrent activity.”

She is either a liar or a blind fool. Not only does Backpage make ‘pennies’ off of the sex trafficking by most reports they made two billion seven-hundred million pennies off of their prostitution ads in a year.

If Backpage and Village Voice Media really find human trafficking that abhorrent then they would shut down the adult section. It’s that simple.

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