Return of The Pimpinella: Now charged with child porn

Alex Pimpinella

Alex Pimpinella

Monroeville man facing assault case now charged with child porn:

I’ve posted about the now 24-year-old Alex Pimpinella twice before. Once for being arrested for the statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl he met on MySpace and secondly for the alleged rape of a handicapped woman that he met through MySpace.

Now the Monroeville, Pennsylvania man who goes by ‘DJ Krave’ has been charged with possession of child porn. When investigators were going through Pimpinella’s computer for the rape investigation they say they found 200 photos and videos of young girls in explicit positions posing for Pimpinella.

So far Pimpinella has been one lucky son of a bitch. He only got three years probation for the 13-year-old and most of the charges save one were dropped against him for the rape of the handicapped woman. Since child porn usually results in a longer sentence than child molestation here’s hoping that this is the final nail in the luck coffin for this predatory douchebag.

Des Moines police arrest Backpage lady-trafficker

Maria Jansen

Maria Jansen

Police Arrest Alleged Prostitution Ringleader:

Des Moines police arrest alleged ringleader of prostitution ring:

Police in Des Moines, Iowa have arrested 25-year-old Maria Jansen for allegedly running a prostitution ring on the Village Voice Media owned

As I’m sure you can guess the twist in this story is that police have arrested an alleged female trafficker. It’s a rare occurrence on this site but it dies happen. While female traffickers may be a different stripe of pimp we should refer to them as pimps and not the more romanticized term of madam. They still use similar tactics that are employed by their male counterparts…

“We identified a person who preys on people who are at a bad time in their life,” said Sgt. Chris Scott. “It might be financial issues, it could be other issues and they’re on the edge.”

Just like male pimps female pimps will take advantage of someone’s downfall to sell them into sexual slavery.

Jansen is looking at 15 years behind bars if convicted. Unfortunately due to her gender she would probably serve even less time than the males of her criminal ilk do.

Meanwhile Backpage just continues to count their money they make off of sexual slavery.

Supreme Court rules automatic LWOP sentences for teens unconstitutional


Court: No automatic life without parole for kids:

While everyone this week was flapping their gums about the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare there was another Supreme Court ruling that didn’t get nearly as much attention.

This past week the Supreme Court ruled that states can not impose automatic sentences of life without parole to juvenile offenders. You would think that I would be pissed about this but I’m not. I mean I’m disappointed but not pissed. This ruling means that states can’t set automatic life sentences without parole for certain crimes that teens commit. However juveniles can still be sentenced to LWOP it’s just that the sentence has to be handed down by a judge or jury.

What this really means is that we’re going to see a lot of appeals for teens that had been automatically sentenced to LWOP. I(‘m sure we’ll start seeing some familiar names start popping up in the not so distant future.

While I’m not overly upset about this ruling since juvenile killers can still be sentenced to LWOP it is a step in the wrong direction. Eventually I’m sure it will be ruled that LWOP for teens is cruel and unusual and we’ll go back to the days where juvenile killers did no time due to their age.

If I remember correctly the concept of trying teens as adults sprung up from the gangs of California who would use kids as triggermen because they would end up doing little to no time. The funny thing is it’s the white kids who are getting these rulings overturned. People see kids like John Odgren or Eric Hainstock and think how sad it is for them to be in prison for life but if it was some gangbanger who is a black kid they wouldn’t bat an eyelash about it. Me? I say put them all away for life regardless of color if their crime merits it.

We’re sliding into hell as a society, we need less criminal coddling and more hard time.

Facebook predator gives girls weed and booze before raping one of them


Facebook ‘friend’ accused of sex assault:

Again with ‘sex assault’ and not rape, but I digress.

25-year-old David Atia-Osorio of Trumbull, Connecticut has been arrested for allegedly raping a 17-year-old girl that he met on Facebook.

Using the alias ‘David Escobar’ he promised the girl weed and booze if he’d meet her at a Dunkin’ Donuts. The girl decided to being a friend who was 15-years-old. After the pair met ‘Escobar’ they went back to his place to partake in his promised contraband.

The 15-year-old eventually passes out and when she comes to she sees him ‘forcibly having sex with her friend’ as the article calls it. Real people who aren’t bound by the AP style book would call that rape. The 15-year-old screams and Atia-Osorio stops what he’s doing and drops the girls off at a local store.

It took police over a year to finally catch him simply because he used a fake name and the girls could not identify where he lived. Police say that Atia-Osorio admitted getting the drunk and high and having sex with the 17-year-old but denied raping her. Maybe this assclown thinks that date rape isn’t like rape rape. That’s how some of these scumbags think. It’s too bad scum like this are separated from the general; prison population then he’d find out what it’s like to be the victim without being drugged.

Facebook predator busted at payphone

Henry Allen Ross

Henry Allen Ross

Facebook sting leads police to accused sexual predator:

Man arrested after arranging to have sex with girl, 12, police say:

No kids, police didn’t arrest Shaggy for mainlining Scooby Snacks in the Mystery Machine. That’s 23-year-old Henry Allen Ross of Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was arrested at a payphone for allegedly soliciting sex from a 12-year-old girl over Facebook. First off why the hell was a 12-year-old girl on Facebook and apparently Tulsa still has payphones.

You see kids, a payphone or ‘phone booth’ was something us old-timers used before the advent of cellular phone technology. It was what we had to use if we wanted to make a phone call while we were away for our cave houses. And Superman changed clothes in them before that was thought as creepy. And you couldn’t take pictures with it or play Angry Birds on it. Text messages were something we called ‘letters’.

Anyway while I’m giving shit to the parents I will say that they at least taught this girl well for the most part. It seems that Ross and the girl had mutual Facebook friends. The girl lied and said her age was 14 I’m sure just to get on Facebook. Like that makes it any better that he was creeping on a 14-year-old. However when the conversation between Ross and the girl turned sexual she told her uncle that the conversation was making her feel uncomfortable. The girl’s grandmother called the cops while the uncle got on Facebook posing as the girl and commandeered the conversation.

At that point reports say that Ross asked the ‘girl’ to meet him at a payphone. That should have been a dead giveaway he was talking to an adult. What 12-year-old knows what a payphone is? Getting away from my payphone obsession that’s when police rushed to the meeting spot and arrested Ross.

I wonder if Ross made his phone call from the only place where you really only find payphones anymore. Jail.

Indiana has Dumbfish law upheld

Give me that fish!

Give me that fish!

Judge upholds Indiana Facebook ban for sex offenders:

I didn’t know that Indiana even had a Dumbfish law on the books yet here we are.

Anyway a federal judge upheld Indiana’s law that bans registered sex offenders from Facebook and other social networking sites regardless if they’ve completed their probation or not.

“Social networking, chat rooms, and instant messaging programs have effectively created a ‘virtual playground’ for sexual predators to lurk,” Judge Tanya Walton Pratt wrote in the ruling, citing a 2006 report by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that found that one in seven youths had received online sexual solicitations and one in three had been exposed to unwanted sexual material online.

Of course those great defenders of pedophiles known as the ACLU have a problem with this. They plan on appealing the decision naturally. God forbid we should have an internet free of child molesters and rapists.

Again I say though these laws banning sex offenders from social networking are really just feel good legislation designed to garner votes for politicians. Only the dumbest of predators get caught by these laws, as I keep saying, like the dumb fish that jump into the boat.

In reality legislation isn’t needed. Most social sites already ban registered sex offenders from their site but no TOS or law will keep online predators from trying to approach your kids. What we need instead is more tech savvy parents who know how to check on their kids’ internet activity when it be through computer, tablet or phone. Unfortunately more and more parents just let their kids run off on their own on the internet and hope for the best. Politicians don’t want to tell their constituents to be better parents. That wouldn’t get them re-elected.

Facebook incest mom claims ‘genetic attraction’

Mistie Atkinson

Mistie Atkinson

Mom who had sex with son gets under 5 years in prison, but claims ‘genetic attraction,’ not incest:

In case you don’t remember who Mistie Atkinson is she was the woman who was arrested for having sex (incest, child rape) with her estranged 16-year-old son after tracking him down on Facebook.

Last week she was sentenced to 4 years and 8 months on charges of incest, oral copulation, lewd contact with a minor and distribution of lewd material to a minor. Even though that this is California if a 32-year-old man tracked down his estranged 16-year-old daughter on Facebook and committed incest with her in a seedy motel room would he have been only looking at a 4 year sentence? Hell no. The prosecutors would have added so many charges on him he would have been looking at a string of life sentences. Since Atkinson is female and doesn’t have 3 eyes and a hump she’s given less than 5 years.

That’s not the most disgusting part though. Check out what Atkinson said in a letter to the court about committing incest.

“I don’t feel like I should have the charge of incest because there is something called genetic attraction that is a very powerful (phenomenon) that happens to 50 (percent) of people becoming reunited with a long-lost relative,” she wrote.

Can you believe that bullshit? Genetic attraction my ass. Here’s what I think happened. After deciding she was going to fuck her son she looked for some kind of excuse on the internet. Probably on some pro-pedophilia/pro-incest site she found this crap about genetic attraction.

It’s disgusting that this miscreation only got less than 5 years. I guess the California legal system doesn’t find incest all that abhorrent. How much longer will it be before acts like this and pedophilia will be accepted in our society?

Nothing is sacred anymore.

Shakara Dickens admits to killing her daughter during sentencing hearing

Shakara Dickens

Shakara Dickens

Mother who killed her baby: ‘I put my hands over her nose and mouth’:

I originally posted about Shakara Dickens here. She was the Memphis Breeder who, in the vein of a certain Florida trailer trash attention whore, reported her daughter missing when in reality 9-month-old Lauryn Dickens was dead. Back in March Dickens was convicted of Lauryn’s murder. This past week at her sentencing hearing she admitted to every detail.

She said that she was frustrated that she couldn’t find a baby sitter and started crying. Then Lauryn started crying. Instead of comforting her which is what most normal mothers do she put her hand over Lauryn’s nose and mouth until she passed out. She removed her hand and Lauryn started crying again and Dickens continued to suffocate her.

When Lauryn was dead Dickens put her body in a trash bag and threw it in a dumpster two apartment complexes away. She didn’t go back to the dumpster but watched as the dumpster was emptied.

It looks like she’s only going to get 19 years and time served.

I guess we’re supposed to feel sorry for her since she came clean at sentencing. Not on your life sister. At any time you had the chance to either stop what you were doing before Lauryn died or at least told police where she was before she was dumped into a Memphis landfill. Instead you handed the police a lot of bullshit and had your family run interference for you.

I’m glad that you got that off your conscience but it’s too little too late.

Louisiana Dumbfish Law II: Facebook Status? Sex offender

Give me that fish!

Give me that fish!

New La. law: Sex offenders must list status on Facebook, other social media:

Previously I’ve posted about the state of Louisiana passing a law I call The Dumbfish Law. The law basically banned from registered sex offenders from being on Facebook or any other kind of social networking site. I call it the dumbfish law because anyone caught by it is kind of like a dumb fish that jumps into a fisherman’s boat. North Carolina has had this law on the books for some years now and has caught a number of dumbfish.

The law was struck down as being unconstitutional for being too vague in what it considers a social network. So rather than tightening up that law the state of Louisiana has come up with an even dumber law. The new law states that any registered sex offender has to disclose their sex offender status on their Facebook, or whatever, profile, disclose the crime and their home address. Now Citizen Off The Street may think that this is a good law but I’m going to tell you why it sucks.

First off, much like the original, Dumbfish Law it doesn’t stop sex offenders for creating profiles with aliases, Secondly even if a sex offender does put all his information on his Facebook profile there are still people and children out there gullible enough to believe any cock and bull story that’s handed to them. Hell, we’ve seen it here on this site multiple times. Lastly it does nothing to prevent the unregistered predators from looking for victims on social sites. Not to mention that I doubt Facebook is going to acquiesce to having a new status of sex offender added to their site. That wouldn’t be abused at all.

You want to keep Facebook and other social sites free from predators? Keep them in jail until they’re too frail and feeble to even use a computer.

Backpage john busted for paying for teen prostitutes

Mickey Cupkie

Mickey Cupkie

Charges: Elko Man Paid for Sex With Teenagers:

36-year-old Mickey Cupkie of Elko, Minnesota was recently arrested for allegedly paying to have sex with two minor girls that were advertised on the Village Voice Media owned

The girls were 16 and 17-year-old runaways. The girls were being investigated by Minneapolis police as victims of sex trafficking and they were able to determine that Cupkie was one of their customers. Police say that he admitted to knowing that the girls were “too young to be engaging in prostitution.” Apparently that didn’t stop him from getting his money’s worth.

This story brings up a few points. First the obvious ones. Backpage’s supposed screening process to keep kids off of their site is obviously not working no matter how much Liz McDougall wants you to think it is. Secondly, let’s call this crime what it is, paid child rape. When you use a child prostitute you’re basically paying to rape them. Lastly, we don’t see nearly enough stories about the johns who are raping these girls. Not only do they need to be named and shamed they need to be given stiff sentences with real jail time. Only when you make the risk not worth the reward will you be able to put a good-sized dent in child sex trafficking.

UPDATE 9/3/2012: Cupkie has pleaded guilty and will be sentenced in November.