Zinah Jennings may walk out of jail tomorrow

Zinah Jennings
Zinah Jennings

Missing SC Boy’s Mom Wants Case Nixed:

In my last post about Zinah Jennings, I mentioned how she might just out-crazy Casey Anthony. Now she may outdo her entirely as she may spend even less time than Casey Anthony in jail.

First, a little background information if you’re new.

22-year-old Zinah Jennings and her 18-month-old son Amir went missing around Thanksgiving of 2011. Amir’s grandmother filed a missing persons report in early December. Zina Jennings has turned up but there is no sign of her son and she’s not talking.

In her hometown of Columbia, South Carolina Jennings was involved in a one person car crash on Christmas Eve. Amir was not with her. When questioned by police Jennings allegedly gave them several false stories about Amir being anywhere from Raleigh to Atlanta and just about everywhere in between. All leads that she has given them have not turned up anything.

After nothing turned up Jennings was arrested on December 29th and charged with unlawful conduct toward a child and held on $150K bond.


Now Jennings’ lawyer, Hemphill Pride, is trying to get his client released from jail and a judge may be granting that request tomorrow. Mr. Pride alleges that the prosecution does not have enough evidence to charge her with unlawful conduct toward a child and a judge gave prosecutors until tomorrow to make their case or see her go free for now.

Amir Jennings
Amir Jennings

Unfortunately for Amir Jennings, no one has anyone they can go to in order to appeal his disappearance.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 888-CRIME-SC

15 thoughts on “Zinah Jennings may walk out of jail tomorrow”

  1. I dont understand why these people are not held responsible for their childs whereabouts? They have legal custody. They are responsible for their health and welfare. If that child is gone, they need to be held accountible for their whereabouts! It should not be up to our courts to prove anything. The proof is, they are GONE! What does this say about our legal system? We have a legal responsibility to pay taxes, to follow laws or go to jail, but we dont have to answer for an innocent child who was in our care and is now missing. Our laws need to change to protect these childrens rights. The parent lost their rights when they lost the child!


    1. Because of our often fucked up justice system, it has to be proven that she harmed her child, and because of her Constitutional Right against self-incrimination, she doesn’t have to answer a single question, and certainly doesn’t have to tell anyone a thing about her child’s whereabouts. I personally believe she did something awful with her son, but if she’s not talking, she’ll probably walk since the State can’t prove a damn thing. Hopefully, Karma will fuck this whore it the ass with a hatchet.

      It’s times like this that I think of the future and fucking shudder…


  2. How about some frickin’  Habeus Corpus for the child?
     Habeus (Show) Corpus (the body).

    Shouldn’t she have to be able to produce her child?


    1.  I honestly don’t see why they cannot make her produce the child in this case, or hold her arse in jail until she does.  How many times has a mother (or father) been jailed indefinitely for refusing to turn over a child to an abusive ex? I have read several stories in which one parent put a child into hiding because the other parent was either physically or sexually abusing the child, and the courts would not do anything about the abuse. I’d have to look it up, but I think there was one case in which the mother remained in jail for several years rather than divulge the whereabouts of her daughter to the father or the courts, because she KNEW the father was a pedophile.  Soooo…..why in the name Old Scratch’s undershorts can the courts not hold this worthless vermin until she produces the child? This seems like a much better cause to me – maybe that’s why…because it would be too much like doing the RIGHT thing. Crap like this makes me want to vomit…


  3. I think it should be mandatory for her toproduce her child or take the blame for his disappearance as his birth vessel. Poor Amir.


  4. Ive been following a story about a baby named Kate..her father took her last year and refuses to give any info on where she is. He was sentenced to fifteen years in prison, can’t remember why but it had to do with her disappearance. Google it.


  5. Well, this could just be affirmative action in law &amp sentencing, after all Casey Anthony got away with it, right? So…only fair she does too.  The world has been going to hell in a handbasket ever since my Gramma first said that saying to me.  

    Hey, maybe she can find Casey and they can be roomies 🙂


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