41-year-old burnout accused of raping teen girl from VampireFreaks

Randall Roberts
Randall Roberts

41-Year-Old Man Accused Of Sexual Relationship With Teen:

Man Accused Of Having Sex With Teenager, Growing 120 Marijuana Plants:

Before we get to the heart of the matter it’s time for me to clear things up with the media again about their choice of words. When a 41-year-old guy ‘has sex’ with an underage girl he’s not ‘having a relationship’ with her, he’s not ‘having sex’ with her and he’s not ‘having sexual contact’ with her. He’s raping her. It’s called statutory rape for a reason. So how about calling a spade a spade and not worrying about hurting the feelings of sex offenders by calling these scumbags what they are, rapists.

Anyway, 41-year-old Randall Roberts of Columbus, Ohio was arrested by federal investigators for allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl that he met through the goth themed social site VampireFreaks. The girl’s father eventually found text messages from Roberts to his daughter. Eventually, investigators were able to use the text messages to lure Roberts into a sting.

Before we get to the bonus parts of the story let me just say this. If you’re male and over 24 and still hanging out on VampireFreaks you are giving off a creeper vibe.

When police searched Roberts’ home they found a grow operation that consisted of 120 full-grown pot plants. But wait there’s more.

Roberts has another pending case involving the alleged rape of another 15-year-old girl.

For the most recent rape, Roberts is looking at 10 years behind bars. While I am in no way a fan of weed the sad part is he’ll probably get more time for the drugs than he will for the rapes of two girls.

7 thoughts on “41-year-old burnout accused of raping teen girl from VampireFreaks”

  1. I agree with your rage when they say “sex with” or “sexual relationship” i will never understand why even with children victims under say…10 they will say “sex with a minor under 16” on sex offender registries and if u read further you see its a 9 yr old it burns me up


      1. I was wondering about that also and my opinion is they categorize crimes to do the statistics and say you use the word rape to search the database you will come up with less therefore you can say crime is coming down
        I dont know if that even makes sense but im sure u get my gist


  2. Wanna know something else? This guy was my manager…until he got fired for fraternizing with a 17 year old. His long time girlfriend is , however, his age…though she looks about 14.
    Also, he’s not even being charged for the drugs. It’s decriminalized so it’s just a misdemeanor. If he had 10 times that amount, the time he got from that wouldn’t even compare to what he’s facing for this rape.
    It’s freaking awful when someone you know ends up on TV as a rapist. It’s worse when you were just hanging out with him and his girlfriend days before. Thank god they caught him, I hope his girl wises up and leaves him.
    *I was just wondering if anything new came out about this? That’s why I was looking around…*


    1. Dude really, kinda funny you have the balls to talk some shit now but knowing this info ya didnt have enough to say something to his girlfriend . WTF


  3. I am that girl. And no, it was not “sex”. And he should have no mercy, because this will affect me for the rest of my life. And there’s more that isn’t found in any of these articles, including the fact that he claimed to be a sex demon in a humans body.. all I can say is that I hope everyone will realize that this can happen to anyone. And it doesn’t seem like it will, until it actually does… I hope that everyone will be careful.


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