Facebook monitors its content, why can’t classifieds sites?


Facebook provides rare peek at how site is policed:

Recently Facebook allowed the media to have a glimpse at its content monitoring structure. Facebook says that they employ hundreds of people in order to keep the site free of harassment, porn, spam and threats among other things.

In a posting accompanying the chart on Tuesday, Facebook explained that its User Operations group comprises four teams to handle the different types of incident reports: a safety team, a hate and harassment team, an access team and an abusive content team.

Now Facebook is one of the most popular sites on the internet boasting a userbase in the hundreds of millions. So why can’t a somewhat smaller site, for example, Backpage or craigslist, employ dozens of people to monitor their sites for inappropriate content? And I don’t just mean content that doesn’t pass their lawyers’ sniff tests for illegalities. I mean questionable material that anyone with an ounce of common sense knows is bad news.

On craigslist for instance if an ad appeared in the casual encounters section that was advertising for ‘bois’ or ‘K9’ a moderator could make sure that ad never sees the light of day.

On the other hand, if a moderator for Backpage saw an ad for an ‘escort’ offering ‘young stuff’ that could be rejected with a vengeance.

Don’t let either of these sites fool you with their poor me blues. Both sites can easily afford they just choose not to. Why? Because that would eat into their multi-million dollar profits. You know for two organizations that try to represent the little guy they sure do act like the soulless corporations that they often rebel against.

So what if children are being molested or women are being sold into sexual slavery. There are profits to be had.

One thought on “Facebook monitors its content, why can’t classifieds sites?”

  1. It’s very easy to find moderators.  Hell, many sites have volunteers! There’s no reason that any classified site can’t have moderators.  Not even money- because yes, they can afford a few dozen or so employees to comb through material and report child prostitution to authorities.  They just don’t want to. 


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