Canadian craigslist creeper only gets 90 days


Crime posted on Craigslist:

Last November police in Greater Sudbury, Ontario arrested 42-year-old Samuel Labbe for trying to solicit sex from a boy on craigslist. Labbe had posted an ad stating that he was looking for a little oral action. The ad was responded to by police posing as a young boy.

This week Labbe was sentenced to a mere 90 days in jail.

Seriously Canada. W-T-F?

But it gets better and by better I mean more ridiculous.

Not only did he only get a mere 90 days in jail, but he also got 90 days in weekend jail. That’s right kids, for looking for a child to molest on craigslist Labbe only has to spend 45 weekends in jail. This may be the worst sentence for a sex offender ever.

Do you really want to be known as the most pedophile friendly country in the Western world?

Also, it goes without saying that if craigslist moderated their site there would be much fewer instances of these creepers but God forbid it should cut into their profits.

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