Louisiana Dumbfish Law II: Facebook Status? Sex offender

Give me that fish!
Give me that fish!

New La. law: Sex offenders must list status on Facebook, other social media:

Previously I’ve posted about the state of Louisiana passing a law I call The Dumbfish Law. The law basically banned from registered sex offenders from being on Facebook or any other kind of social networking site. I call it the dumbfish law because anyone caught by it is kind of like a dumb fish that jumps into a fisherman’s boat. North Carolina has had this law on the books for some years now and has caught a number of dumbfish.

The law was struck down as being unconstitutional for being too vague in what it considers a social network. So rather than tightening up that law the state of Louisiana has come up with an even dumber law. The new law states that any registered sex offender has to disclose their sex offender status on their Facebook, or whatever, profile, disclose the crime and their home address. Now Citizen Off The Street may think that this is a good law but I’m going to tell you why it sucks.

First off, much like the original, Dumbfish Law, it doesn’t stop sex offenders for creating profiles with aliases, Secondly, even if a sex offender does put all his information on his Facebook profile there are still people and children out there gullible enough to believe any cock and bull story that’s handed to them. Hell, we’ve seen it here on this site multiple times. Lastly, it does nothing to prevent the unregistered predators from looking for victims on social sites. Not to mention that I doubt Facebook is going to acquiesce to having a new status of sex offender added to their site. That wouldn’t be abused at all.

You want to keep Facebook and other social sites free from predators? Keep them in jail until they’re too frail and feeble to even use a computer.

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