Facebook predator gives girls weed and booze before raping one of them


Facebook ‘friend’ accused of sex assault:

Again with ‘sex assault’ and not rape, but I digress.

25-year-old David Atia-Osorio of Trumbull, Connecticut has been arrested for allegedly raping a 17-year-old girl that he met on Facebook.

Using the alias ‘David Escobar’ he promised the girl weed and booze if he’d meet her at a Dunkin’ Donuts. The girl decided to being a friend who was 15-years-old. After the pair met ‘Escobar’ they went back to his place to partake in his promised contraband.

The 15-year-old eventually passes out and when she comes to she sees him ‘forcibly having sex with her friend’ as the article calls it. Real people who aren’t bound by the AP style book would call that rape. The 15-year-old screams and Atia-Osorio stops what he’s doing and drops the girls off at a local store.

It took police over a year to finally catch him simply because he used a fake name and the girls could not identify where he lived. Police say that Atia-Osorio admitted getting the drunk and high and having sex with the 17-year-old but denied raping her. Maybe this assclown thinks that date rape isn’t like rape rape. That’s how some of these scumbags think. It’s too bad scum like this are separated from the general; prison population then he’d find out what it’s like to be the victim without being drugged.


  1. This isn’t true … It didn’t happen to the 17 year old … It happened to me … The 15 year old …


    • Wow I can’t believe you people. How are you so sure the alias isn’t another family name? David would never force himself on anyone! Say what you want but those little girls are liars. Point blank. More and more people lie about rape. Intact he never had sex with her,there was no insertion only marks on her neck and boobs. And it took over a year because there was no DNA or any other proof the only reason why the court is in that little girls favor is because CT is a women’s state!!!


  2. Well, here is the thing… this is false. He does not live in Trumbull.  I know him, and his family.  These girls obviously were asking for weed and alcohol.  I dont know who this “Brittney” girl is but she obviously has her story wrong. Even the CT Post reports that It was the 17 year old. If there was any legit RAPE, then were is the rape DNA? where is the proof? 17 is beyond the age of legal consent IF there was any sexual contact.  The 17 year old should obviously  be in fault for even bringing the 15 year old WITH her to meet a guy online. Where were the parents? do they normally allow their minor children to wander off to other towns when meeting men online? Why arnt they at fault for not being responsible for their children.  Obviously David is at fault for providing the alcohol and weed to them…but as for the rape charge? it is defiantly  not a valid case.  He does not deserve to be called a Scumbag.  I am sure the 17 year old has her morals and life going in the wrong direction  and the 15 year old is not too far behind. I just hope that the truth comes out and they arnt trying to ruin a mans life.  I do feel sorry for these poor girls.  Having to call “rape” because they are too scared to tell their parents about how irresponsible they are.  I know David and there is no way in hell he would be able to rape anyone, to be honest he would have no reason to rape anyone. He is a good looking man with a good heart and a positive future.  These girls need to grow up the right way. and realize there is a consequence for their actions just like there is a consequences for Davids poor decisions.


    • Is there a playbook that all you rapist defenders read from because all your comments are the same. 

      Look, the guy ‘allegedly’ used an alias online to meet girls on Facebook. That makes him the aggressor and not the victim. 

      If this was just a case of girls crying rape I don’t think they would have kept the story up for over a year. 

      So are you family Stephanie or just his new squeeze?


      • Oh, so I have a friend on Facebook under the name Money Mike. I guess he is a rapist because i’m pretty sure his name isn’t Money. But according to your logic he must be a rapist. But of course if she called rape she would have to keep it up for over a year. If she called rape then admitted it wasn’t, there would be consequences for lying to the police and creating a false report. I am neither family nor his new “squeeze”. Actually I am his ex “squeeze”.


        • I said that he used an alias in order to meet underage girls. Comprehension must not be your strong suit. 

          Not mention I think it’s more pathetic that you’re his ex-squeeze and defending him. 


          • So you speak like you are a sex offender expert? Why cant someone just change their name on facebook? That doesn’t mean that you are looking for minors. Not to mention, that I think it is pretty good in Davids name that his ex girlfriend is speaking good about him.


  3. When people try to befriend me online, I do a bit of digging. Many times I have found that they lie about who they are.  There can only be selfish or sinister reasons for that.  When men do it to meet young girls, you know he is up to no good.  Fake names can be made to just be silly or to manipulate.  There’s a big difference.


  4. These girls really have committed a great sin by lieing about being raped by David. David is the kindest person i have ever met, he has ambitions and an amazing future ahead of him. He goes to school, has a great job and goes to church every Sunday. I just dont understand how these girls could ever lie about something like this to get an innocent man in this kind of trouble because they know they were at fault and too immature to admit it. I understand that David was at fault for providing weed and alcohol to these girls and he just wanted to have fun. He didnt know these girls were that young because they lied about the 15 year old girls age, saying she was 17 about to be 18. The young female that he “rapped” had asked to have sex with David, however something told David it was wrong to do and something wasn’t right. He told her that he could not do anything with her and thats when he took the two ladies home. Oh and about the facebook name “David Escobar”, he didnt change his last name to be able to talk to young girls, he used the last name Escobar due to a character who played in a movie that he looked up to at that time, the characters last name was Escobar. David had never been introuble with the law, had never been a bad guy, and had never dreamed that this would happen to him. He is still dealing with court about these false altercations, and it has effected his life in so many ways, and it breaks my heart to see him going through this and not fully understanding why this had to happen to him. Its ashame that these girls saved their asses because they probably got introuble for not being where they were supposed to be and pushing “rape” on somebody to not get introuble, its discraseful and sinful! David is not that kind of person and would never have to force himself on a girl, hes very handsome, warm hearted and caring guy. Im currently dating David and i didnt believe a word of this when he told me. Hes not this kind of person and anyone that knows him would say the same.


    • It’s amazing how people disregard logic in the face of evidence just because someone is a ‘nice guy’. I hear Ted Bundy was a nice guy too.


      • Not to mention Charles Manson was an environmentalist, and David James Roberts (the first fugitive ever captured by “America’s Most Wanted”) was an advocate for the homeless.


  5. Um I don’t know who u are that u used my name on here but I am “Abra” did not write this so don’t use my name if u want to bash someone don’t hide behind someone else name


  6. This article is insanely wrong. David is the one the best men I know. I guess sitting behind a computer screen, not knowing about a person gives you the right to judge and make assumptions because of things you hear or read? Just because two desperate girls decided they were going to lie doesn’t mean it’s fair that such a wonderful man needs to be embarrassed like this. If you knew him, you’d know he would NEVER do anything like that. EVER. no doubt! Just because these girls were sluts (and didn’t want their moms and boyfriends to know of their intentions) doesn’t mean you have the right to sit there and judge. As others have said, David is a great guy. He’s extremely mature, caring, intelligent, hard working and so much more. He puts others before himself and would never take advantage of others because he’s a kind human being. But, shame on you for sitting there judging him and calling him names when you have no proof. If the girl was “raped” and she had any form of intelligence she would have gone straight to the hospital and had a rape kit done…am I right? The real perps are the dumb little teenage girls that were begging for attention from anyone that would give them any. I bet this won’t be the last time either one of them makes up a big lie to make others feel bad for them. They’ll find some other poor innocent person and try to ruin their lives too. I hope these stupid little girls are reading this because David’s life wasn’t ruined by this. He is a much better person than they are and he deserves so much better than them. Karma will get them, and I personally, will laugh my ass off when it does. (:


    • Christine,

      Why do you make assumptions based on your experience with a child molester? The experts tell us that child molesters are masters at ingratiating themselves with adults they know to use a leverage to gain access to children. Look at Jerry Sandusky. President Bush gave him an award.

      You talk about the victims like they are fully developed adults capable of making their own decisions. Again, the experts tell us that the brain of an adolescent isn’t fully developed and they are often not able to make important decisions.

      Your reasoning is defective, because it is based on false assumptions that fly in the face of proven facts about child molesters and adolescents. You are in denial because you won’t admit to yourself that you were deceived by a child molester.


      • I’m guessing Christine subscribes to ex-Rep. Roger Rivard’s theory that “some girls rape easy”…funny how some people are so quick to stand up for the perp and blame the victims. Even if they were “begging for attention” (which I highly doubt), statutory’s statutory…those girls couldn’t legally consent regardless, and what was he doing making arrangements to meet underage girls at DD?


        • Okay..actually you people are ignorant. I’m twenty years old…that means 3 years ago I was the age of one of those lying sluts. I was fully aware of my actions. Anyone over 13 is aware of their actions. They were just trying to cover their asses because they were going to get in trouble with their parents. And oh, you keep defending the “victims” but recently the “sexually abused victim” cried rape from another guy too…hmmm…this girl is just so amazing and attractive that everyone wants to rape her? Grow up. There are REAL rape victims out there that need the attention not thirsty Connecticut whores trying to make themselves look hard to get. The girls BOTH said they were 18…was david supposed to ask for an id? Do you ask for an id when you meet someone new and they tell you their age? No. And if you said yes, youre lying too. The girls had all intentions on their mind. Of they didnt they wouldnt have met a stranger online, agreed to party with him and stuff even though they KNEW they were underage. THEY should get in trouble…david didnt open their mouth and force them to drink…he didnt force them to smoke anything and he sure as hell didn’t force them to meet him…they’re easy sluts…so thats exactly why they cried wolf…because they knew if they got caught theyd be punished for their actions. Again it’s easy to talk about David when you don’t know him… But then again everyone defending the “victims” seem very defensive…maybe they’re your family member and you just don’t want to admit your family is a piece of trash? Or maybe you or someone in your family were like them
          ..making up lies for attention…well no matter what the reason…god bless you..and if the girls read this..god bless you…youll need that on your way to hell for lying. And oh, if David did it..and the judge had “proof” wouldnt he be labeled a “sex offender”? Haha well he’s not so I hope that makes you realize…one day the girl that cried wolf will be eaten by it…and it will be a great day!! One word… Karma.!!


          • Christine, projecting much? And there ARE instances in which men have asked for proof of young women’s ages before pursuing anything w/them, and backed off if they turned out to be underage…either David’s not that smart or he just likes them young. Besides, if he’s such an upstanding guy, why was he using a phony name for his rendezvous? Sounds like a clear indicator that he knew he was breaking the law, not that it matters to you and the rest of his apologists, I’m sure.


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