Carina Saunders alleged killer arrested

Luis Ruiz
Luis Ruiz

New Information Comes To Light In Carina Saunders’ Murder Case:

Did Carina see too much? Teacher ‘brutally tortured and dismembered girl, 19, to scare witnesses involved in human trafficking ring’:

This past week 37-year-old Luis Ruiz was arrested and charged with being the brutal torturer and murderer of 19-year-old Carina Saunders. If you’ll recall, in October of last year Carina’s body was found dismembered in a duffle bag behind a grocery store in Bethany, Oklahoma.

Previously Bethany police had arrested Jimmy Lee Massey, Michael ‘Monster’ Knight and Luis Soto in connection with Carina’s murder. I even posted that Massey was arrested as the murderer but it appears that I was mistaken.

Ruiz is a father of 5 and a former elementary school teacher who not only some reports say allegedly raped Carina Saunders but also brutally tortured and murder her. Ruiz did this in order to send a message to other women who were involved in a drug and human trafficking ring.

If you think that drugs and prostitution are victimless crimes I implore you to remember Carina Saunders and let your imagination run wild on how she was violently tortured and decapitated just so you could smoke a joint or get a happy ending. Her blood is on all your hands just so you could satisfy your selfish and pointless needs.

Carina Saunders
Carina Saunders

5 thoughts on “Carina Saunders alleged killer arrested”

  1. He was not charged, no charges have been filed yet….please report accuratly. He could never have done something so savage. He is a good man, with a awsome since of humor, personality, and a big heart!


    1. From the News9 article…

      Police arrested Luis Ruiz, 37, of Oklahoma City for the brutal murder of Carina Saunders. Detectives found Saunders’ body in October 2011, dismembered in a duffle bag.

      Good men don’t run drug and human trafficking rings let alone brutally rape, torture and dismember teenagers…allegedly. 


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