DOJ: Hair forensics not as reliable as once believed

Justice Dept., FBI to review use of forensic evidence in thousands of cases:

This is an article from The Washington Post that I found in my daily readings the other day. In short, the Dept of Justice has come out stating that they will be reviewing thousands of cases where a suspect was convicted using forensic hair samples as they state that it is not reliable as it was once thought to be.

So I’m sure you’re saying to yourself “That’s great Trench, but what does that have to do with anything?” Well, I’ll tell you since the supporters of a bunch of convicted child killers base their supposed innocence on a single strand of hair.

Damien Echols (But the DNA evidence is solid. You can trust me.)
Damien Echols (But the DNA evidence is solid. You can trust me.)

That’s right kids. The supporters of The West Memphis 3, or as they should be known Damien Echols and those 2 other guys, claim that the WM3 are innocent just because a single hair belonging to Terry Hobbs was found embedded in the shoelace used to tie up one of the victims. Well, some of them do anyway. The rest of them still think that Mark Byers is the ‘real killer’ even though he’s joined the WM3 camp.

As I’ve been saying all along a single hair does not make someone a murderer as much as you want to believe it does. Especially considering the fact that the victims used to play at Hobbs’ house all the time. That single strand of hair could have been picked up at any time. You know what does make someone a murderer? Confessions, police investigations, testimony, a history of psychosis and violence and several upheld convictions by the state Supreme Court. I’ll take those over a strand of hair any day.

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