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If you’ve been following my site for a while you should know by now that one of my current favorite bands is Halestorm. Not only are they the best female fronted bands to come along since Joan Jett and the Blackhearts they’re one of the best pure rock bands to have come around in an awfully long time.

Even in their relatively short time in the national and even global spotlight even Halestorm has a connection to Dio.


Lzzy Hale appeared with Mike Portnoy on the latest Adrenaline Mob album. Mike Portnoy has been in several projects with Billy Sheehan. Billy Sheehan has played with Ozzy. Ozzy to Sabbath to Dio.

Now Here’s I Miss The Misery, my favorite song off of Halestorm’s latest album The Strange Case Of…

4 thoughts on “Six Degrees of Dio: Halestorm

  1. Mike Hughey says:

    I can do one better: On August 29, 2009, in Atlantic City, NJ, Halestorm opened for Heaven and Hell, in what would be Ronnie James Dio’s final performance. They’re the last band that ever opened for him.

    A few reviews of the show:


    1. So let me get this straight. My one true metal god performing his last show after my new favorite band opens for him in my hometown and as usual I WASN’T FUCKING THERE!!! Story of my life. 


  2. Eternallydissolved says:

    that sucks trench. ive seen halestorm the last 2 yrs here in fl at earthday birthday a massive local festival put on by the local rock station. they are amazing, and certainly the best us female fronted band out there currently. now as far as overall preferences my fave female fronted groups are within temptation, nightwish, halestorm and epica in that order. all great bands, and if you haven’t i would encourage you to experience their music as well.  well happy ROCKING OUT!!


    1. I saw them live two years ago at the Uproar Festival. If I hadn’t have seen them live I probably would have not picked up their album. They are so much better live. 


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